Monday, 14 July 2014

Making the most of time!

This week was a really good one. To start it off we went laser tagging which has become one of my favorite fun things to do as a missionary. It’s so much fun! A lot of good things happened this week. We are still working hard and trying to find new investigators! It was a rainy week this week and poles are like cats in the rain.. They disappear. But we are going to find the prepared! Speaking of the prepared. Marcin got BAPTIZED THIS WEEK. It was one of the most beautiful days of my mission. He was baptized at a lake!! JUST LIKE JESUS (sort of)!
I gave the talk on baptism. I was nervous about it but it went really well. Marcin's parents were able to be there, and I got to talk to his mom like the whole time. We talked about my life and the church and we are pretty much best friends now Marcin’s baptism was beautiful I loved it so much. It’s so amazing to witness someone change their life like that.

I just love my mission so much. Sometimes I wonder if people think I’m crazy or faking my love for my mission, but Sister Petherbridge and I are having the best time of our lives. I’ve never appreciated time so much before. This last transfer is going really fast and it’s scary, but we just appreciate everyday so much. It seems the struggle with finding people, getting rejected and normal things that are hard sometimes doing missionary work seem to be a little easier because we are happy to be working together. I want to use every day, love everyday and enjoy this time I have as a missionary because it has went by so fast. Studying is still my favorite part of the day. THE GOSPEL IS SO TRUE! I love learning more about it. There isn’t much to talk about this week. My district is amazing and we had a dance party this week. I’m glad I am ending my mission with such great friends! I feel like everything I have is a gift from Heavenly Father and I’m just so happy!

Check out the pictures, I have one of me giving the talk on baptism right at the lake for Marcin's baptism!

Siostra Pearson

Marcin getting baptized in the lake

Klaudia, me & Sister Petherbridge

The gathering at the lake for the baptism

Klaudia & me
Me, Marcin & Sister Petherbridge
Me speaking at the baptism

Elder Hon, Marcin and Elder Allen

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