Monday, 11 March 2013

March 11th - Still Loving the MTC experience

March 11, 2013
This week was fantastic! So busy but the week flew buy so fast!

First of all, we talked with our investigator "Arek" 4 times all fully in Polish and it is so amazing to see how the Lord works here. The spirit is so strong and we have definitely seen the spirit working through us in our lessons it was so amazing!!
Sister Lidtka and I were planning our last lesson for him and we were getting tired and kind of stressed cause we know what we want to say to him in English but then we have to translate it all and it’s so hard! Oh also Arek has been blessed with attractiveness and we definitely noticed that from the beginning so we like to joke and talk about it sometimes. So I was flipping through this Polish workbook thing we use to find sentences we would use in our lesson and there was a page for like contacting or setting up another lesson and so I giggled and I said to her, "we should just say this instead of our lesson and I said it to her in Polish" and then showed her what it meant and it was.. Let’s exchange numbers. She burst out laughing and we laughed forever!! She then said and he'll reply with this. Said it in Polish and it was. Let’s write!
 It totally made my day because I love her so much and we have the same humor and can take a step back and just have fun and then we rock our lessons because the spirit is there! It’s just so fun! We then found out that Arek our teacher is from Germany! He’s also married... which made all the previous things we said about him awkward.. But it also made him completely not attractive to us so that’ll be less of a distraction so it’s good! Our other teacher Brad Tribe is the most amazing person ever! He’s so hilarious and he’s like our friend but still out teacher!
I miss you all so much! But I love every minute here at the MTC.I can’t go to the Salt Lake Temple because there are too many Canadians here... UNFAIR! I am still foreign so this really saddened my soul oh well the church is still true.
The food is good and my district is seriously sent straight from heaven.Each and everyone one of them is amazing and I love them all so much.
Thank you so much for the package!! Those Pres Monson quotes are the BEST everyone is super jealous that my mom is awesome and they also really liked the donuts :)

Our Temple walks on Sunday is one of the best things about my week. We get to go as a district and even though it’s crazy crowded we get to just go for a nice walk and relax and have fun! It is so nice! Also, I joined choir ! And next Tuesdays is apparently a very special day!!!! Which means someone super important is coming for our devotional!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!! Also we haven’t ruled out the conference thing! There is hope in singing at Conference.

 Polish is coming along great. At times I get discouraged because I want to just say everything but then I realize the amount I have learned in a week and a half since being here and I see that I’ve already been blessed with the gift of tongues!! It is so amazing and I love the language and I love the polish people even though I’m not there yet!
Every day here is such a blessing and I am so happy to be here! I know that the Lord has prepared me to be here right now and there’s nothing better than that feeling! Still pray for me to learn the language but by the time I am done here I feel like I may have progressed quite a ways! Well let’s hope! Oh and dear elder is the best! It’s so nice to hear from you and everyone else on a daily basis it’s sad I can only reply once a week but it’s all good!

Something amazing I have learned since being here is they ALWAYS talk about obedience with exactness and I’m like ya ya they always say that but THEN I have seen what it does in my own life and it’s so cool! So the saying is obedience brings blessings, but obedience with exactness brings miracles! BOOOOM it’s so cool!! Since I am learning to speak Polish I need miracles!

So that’s all for now! I love you and thank you for everything! Say hi to everyone and give them all a big hug for me! Oh and I got Granny’s dear elders tell her ill write her? Or email? Give me her email in case and that’s a super good m day gift and I’m so thrilled she’s going to Palm Springs! Hopefully I’ll talk to amber soon! I miss you all but there is no greater work than this :)
thank you!!!! LOVE YOU

Siostra Pearson

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