Monday, 18 March 2013

Sister Pearson's Eyes are Smilin

Monday March 18th

I got your package! Thank you! Getting mail and packages is the best thing in the world here! The workout clothes are great and Travis brought me my shoes!!!! I love them so much!
I am sick... like a cold but I have no voice and my throat kills and I cough all the time kind of sucks but that’s okay! I’m sure ill get better soon I bought some more medicine from the store and I hope that helps me!

SO! This was a fantastic week! It flew by so fast its unreal how time goes here.

On Tuesday we taught our new investigator Lidia (who is our teacher Sister Macadam’s) and it went so well!! Our first lesson we were getting stressed out preparing for but we went in there and the spirit was great and strong and I loved it! Then we had our devotional, not the special one that’s tomorrow!!!!, but it was really good all the devotionals here are amazing and its like they are tailored right to me! Its so fub!
On Wednesday we did some service which I love! We get to go to a chapel and clean! Although we have to wake up 40 minutes earlier than usual to go do it, it is so worth it because we are blessed and happy to be serving! Its so fun half of my zone goes and just cleans the church. Other than that it was a pretty normal day with classes and learning the language.

This week most of our classes were actually in English and they expressed to us how we shouldn’t be worried about the language, when its language class you study the language when its not worry about the spiritual side of things.

So on Thursday we taught Lidia again and this time we prepared a lot and then went in with our note cards and I only looked at them once!!!! Even though the grammar was waaaaaay off! We taught her the Plan of Salvation. I would say it in polish, which translates to God wants you happy. Family can eternity and stuff like that but the spirit was so strong!! Words I learned weeks ago would just come to my remembrance and the gift of tongues is the coolest thing I have ever experienced!! We have asked her to be baptized twice but both times declined so far but its so cool how much I want her to say yes. I’m not afraid to ask her because being a representative of Jesus I need to do what He would do and that’s what He would do! She’s great and I know she will say yes to being baptized one day :) even though she’s my teacher when I teach her she’s Lidia from Poland and even when I pray for her its like she’s real and I love her!

Also on Thursday we had our first TRC, Its when return missionaries who served their mission in Poland come to the MTC and we teach them in Polish it was so fun! They were so nice to us. I can’t wait to learn more!

The rest of the week was excellent. Just classes and normal fun here. The weather has been beautiful!!!! I am so blessed here! I absolutely love it here way more then I thought I would! On Wednesday I will have been here for 3 weeks!!!! The time is flying by! I just love serving the Lord and I know that I am doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing. It makes me so happy!!! This week’s devotional is someone super important!!! So I’m on the choir hoping my cold goes away before then so I can actually sing... I am very excited about it!!!
I miss all of you every day! It makes it easier knowing why I am here and loving what I’m here to do! I pray for you multiple times a day and I know the Lord is looking out for you! If anyone dear elders me I will write them back I promise! It takes a while to get there but I write every p day! Thank you for all the dear elders from everyone its one of the best parts of my day. I feel so loved!
I love you all! The work must go on! Till next week!

Stay fresh,

Love your missionary,
Siostra Pearson

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