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June 17th 2013 - Bringing people closer to Christ

Transfers are in one week!  I cannot believe my first transfer is already done! it went by so fast and I have already learned so much! On Wednesday I have zone conference. I get to see 3 people from my MTC district! Elder Blom, Sister Blake and Sister Young!! It is going to be such a great time! I am so excited! My very first zone conference! I will tell you all about that and where I am going next week! i hope i stay here in Katowice! I love my branch but I know the Lord will have me where I need to be so either way I will be happy. Its sad that this transfers already over! I really grew to love my district! They are so great!

It is getting really hot here!! The rain finally stopped but the humidity is coming!! Kill me now!! Its going to be rough! You just feel hot and sweaty all the time... yuck.

But we had a FANTASTIC WEEK!!! I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot but its so true!! On Tuesday we went back to the kabob man, Menon, (who looks an awful lot like Gerard Butler!) to give him a book of Mormon in Armenian! He is Muslim and sooooo nice! He gave us free kabobs. When you find someone like that here in Poland you don’t let go very easily! So we went and gave him the book and guess what!?
he's Turkish... not Armenian... AWKWARD!! So that failed miserably! but we still taught him and he just explained that although it sounds great and he really likes us he is Muslim and that won’t change. So we respect his wishes :( very sad day! but he is so kind and he half hugged me (by accident! it took me by surprise! it wasn’t my fault!) and then I went to shake his hand and he kissed it but that’s just a European thing. It happens all the time but it was so sad for me because he was just so nice! You never know the influence you will have on someone’s life! Maybe one day he will remember the nice Mormon girls and change his mind!

So I have some news, this week Sister Packard and I.... TAUGHT THE MOST LESSONS IN THE WHOLE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot explain to you how hard we worked and how much the Lord blessed us this week!!! I was so dead yesterday but it was so worth it!!!! We taught the most lessons in the entire mission! I was so speechless!! AND on top of that the Elders in our area made the list too!! We really encouraged them. Got them excited about teaching too and they did it!!! I am so proud of our district!

We met a man named George on the street the other day! He’s from Kenya! and we are teaching him tomorrow! Sometimes its nice to talk to people who aren’t from here because they are so KIND! Don’t get me wrong there are some kind polish people too but the amount of rejection we face everyday would shock you. When we talk to people like George it really makes a difference! We will be teaching him in English! That will be really weird and yet exciting to not have the language barrier to hold me back! My polish is improving though. The Lord is blessing me tremendously!
We went to visit less actives on Thursday with Sister Reed and we were in the city where Sylwia lives. She was sick and so we thought we would stop by and bring her some fruit. We have never been to her house before but we went and she was home. She was happy to see us and invited us in. Kamil was there!! (her boyfriend that she is living with who is like my age and didn’t want to meet us or take the lessons) we were really nervous because we've never met him but he came out and met us and was actually really nice!! He was able to see that we were kind and normal. it was fun to see them both! He can see how happy Sylwia is when we are there and so i hope that helps. On Saturday we had our open house and guess who showed up!? Sylwia AND KAMIL AND HER MOM!!! This is a huge deal!! Kamil was wearing a shirt and tie and everything!! They went through each room we had, learning about the plan of salvation was held in the relief society room (which we taught) and the restoration room where we showed the Joseph smith movie and then a mormon message room. There was snacks and we talked to them after. He told us we could come back over to there house whenever we wanted!!! Wahooo!!!  We are making progress !! It is very exciting!

We also went back to Virginia’s house for dinner last night! Bless her soul! She is so nice! We were able to teach her and Ambrosza, it was so fun! I just love all the people here so much. It is such a beautiful thing to be a part of! This work is amazing and brings so much happiness to me and to the people I am teaching!

That about covers it for this week I think!! I love you all and I miss you terribly! But I know the Lord is looking out for you all and that is the best thing :) I am so happy to be here in Poland and to share with these people the thing that makes me most happy in this life! Bringing people closer to Christ is the most important thing I have ever done and I am so honored to be here and to be a part of it!

Kocham cie bardzo!!

Love Siostra Pearson

Mission Home in Poland

Introducing the New Mission President & His Wife who will preside over the Warsaw Poland Mission starting on June 28th, 2013 for the next 3 years!
President and Sister Steven C. Edgren will preside in the Poland Warsaw Mission beginning June 30, 2013.   We welcome them with open arms to our great mission.  We love them as you will. These are great and remarkable people.  They are perfect for our mission and the Church in Poland.

Steven C Edgren, 63, and Martha Susan Roark Edgren, six children, Alamo 2nd Ward, Danville California Stake. Brother Edgren is a temple sealer in the Oakland California Temple and is a former regional welfare agent, stake president, high councilor, bishop, counselor in a bishopric and ward Young Men president. Retired vice president of investment management, Goldman Sachs. Born in Livermore, Calif., to Lloyd Harris Edgren and Aileen Belz.
Sister Edgren is a temple ordinance worker and a former counselor in ward Young Women, Relief Society and Primary presidencies, ward Young Women adviser, Primary teacher and seminary teacher. Born in Joplin, Mo., to Donald Love and Sammie Lou Roark

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