Monday, 10 June 2013

June 10, 2013 -Taught My First Lesson in Polish!

This week was GREEEEAT! We taught 12 LESSONS!! Which means we made it on the list again!! Hallelujah!! The Lord is blessing us big time!!! I taught in our district meeting on Tuesday because Elder Rittmanic asked me too. It was all about diligence. I had a lot of fun! On Wednesday we helped Elder Rittmanic teach his English class.  I was asked me to give the spiritual thought in Polish! It was a gong show but very fun! On Thursday something AMAZING HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!! I TAUGHT MY FIRST LESSON ON THE STREET ALL BY MYSELF!! Usually Sister Packard is there but we were contacting and just talking to everyone. I stopped this old man and he said no thank you I’m catholic. I said cool! I believe in Jesus Christ too! I started talking to him about the Book of Mormon and how its changed my life its like the bible and how we read both. He asked where I was from, I told him and we talked about the mission and then back to the book of Mormon. He wasn’t very interested in learning more but it was so neat to watch his heart warm throughout our conversation!! By the end of it we were laughing and talking about the book of Mormon and how hard life is. We were talking like we were old friends!! I went to shake his hand goodbye and he kissed it! Ahahahah only in Poland.. It never gets old! He was like 80 years old and just super catholic and funny but I taught it ALL BY MYSELF IN POLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Packard  and I were both so excited for me!!!! She was so proud and I was in shock!! It was a very cool moment for me!!!
That night we went to visit less actives with Sister Reed, there are a ton here in Poland. It is so neat to be able to go and see these people and bring the spirit into their homes and to remind them of what it feels like! It’s a great part of missionary work, helping find his lost sheep. This is something we have really been focusing on lately. It’s important to go out and find the people who are a little lost and bring them back into the fold. We are here to save souls and interesting enough that isn’t just by baptizing it is also by helping people come back to the gospel and help them feel loved again. It was wonderful to be able to go and teach those people.

On Saturday we had our branch game night!!!!!!! It was so FUN!!! We had 12 investigators there!!!!!! There was WAY more nonmembers compared to members which is super interesting!! I just loved every minute of it!! First, we played that game where you all sit in a circle and one is in the middle and they say I love everyone wearing blue and then everyone wearing blue has to stand up and switch chairs! Except it was in polish!!! Which made it even more fun!!! We all had a wonderful time! It was great for all our investigators to just come and have fun and get to know everyone better!! Elder Rittmanic, Elder Neuner, Sylwia and I played Jenga!! I love Jenga! The 4 of us were having great gospel discussions!! We were talking all about families and why they are so important to us and why we all wanted so many children and get married so young and things we can do to strengthen our selves throughout the week and just about having faith and everything! We talked forever while playing Jenga! It was so fun to be able to teach with the Elders. It never happens. It was a special moment to be able to talk to Sylwia and bear testimony in a non-threatening situation. I could just see and feel the spirit working so strong! It was a great time! I love my branch so much here in Kato!!!

Transfers are in 2 weeks!!! So I have no idea what will happen but I love it here and I will love wherever I am!

Last night we went over to Virginia’s house and her "friend" Ambrosia was there and she fed us a FEAST!! Way too much food but it was sooo kind of her! They are both so sweet. We were able to teach them and Ambrosia came to English class on Wednesday. We gave him a book of Mormon and he's already read like 120 pages!!!!!!! So exciting!! We had a lovely time. I can’t wait to continue to teach them!! They are so kind! I just love missionary work. I just feel so happy and good knowing that I am here helping these people!

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!! I miss you like crazy and I’m glad you’re all doing so well. I love hearing from you :)

Kocham cie bardzo!

Love Sister Pearson

The pictures and comments below are from Sister Nielson's blog. President Nielson and his wife visited Katowice. Pictures of Hailey and her companion and all the District below.
We arrived at the Katowice chapel and were met by this great looking group! They were all eager to learn to be the BEST! missionaries.
We have three missionaries serving in Katowice now since the sudden departure of Elder Smith(broke his ankle). Elders Neuner and Dopp are our great Zone Leaders and Elder Rittmanic is the District Leader. Each of these Elders serves 100%

Our Katowice Sisters are Sister Packard and Sister Pearson who are also doing so well. These great Sisters have some promising Investigators that will soon be baptized.

The Katowice District.  Our great junior missionaries (Sisters Pearson and Packard with Elders Dopp, Rittmanic and Neuner)  along with Elder and Sister Reed, our Katowice Senior Couple who does so much for this great Branch.

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