Monday, 3 June 2013

June 3, 2013 - My First Marriage Proposal!

This week was AMAZING!!! They just keep getting better and better!! This week Sister Packard and I taught 14 LESSONS!!!! Doesn’t sound like a lot but for my mission it is a huge deal!! A list is sent out every week with everyone who taught 12 or more lessons and we made it!!!! We were third on the list!!!! Out of the whole mission we were 3rd in teaching the most lessons, which is a HUGE deal for us and we were so excited!!!! All because of the Lord!! We made goals and He helped us reach them and surpass them!!!

To start off the week last P- day we went to Helena's house and made Pierogi!! It was really fun and they were delicious!!  A funny story, this week my companion and I decided we would contact every non white person cause were sick of the cranky polish people so I go to contact this guy and start talking to him and he doesn’t speak polish! So we switched to English and I’m teaching him about the book of Mormon and how happy it’s made me and he interrupts me mid sentence and asks me where I’m from, so I tell him. Then he asks how old I am so I tell him and then kept teaching. He stops me again and says I like you! I want to have the relationship with you. It took everything in me to not burst out laughing! He then goes on to ask me if I wanted to get married. He actually said the words I want to marry you. Would you be interested in marrying me? I told him I was on a mission and this is what I am doing right now not even thinking about things like that. He said after my mission he wants to marry me and gave me his number to think about it when I am finished my mission. It was the funniest thing ever! My companion almost peed her pants. We laughed so hard! I never thought my first time being proposed to would be like that. But hey! At least I left a good impression on him!

We taught the law of chastity to Sylwia. It didn’t go very well. We fasted about it yesterday and we both feel that we need to give her some space. We can’t make this decision for her. She is the one who has to have the desire to be baptized so we continue to pray for her but we know that there isn’t a whole lot more we can do for her. She needs to want this. So we are giving her some space to figure it out. It is really heartbreaking; she was supposed to be baptized this coming up weekend. But all in the Lord's timing and in his will!!

On a happier note we have a couple other investigators we are teaching and I hope they will all continue to progress!! They are all so unique and I love them all so much! Virginia is the lady who let us in her house! Yesterday out of the blue we were shooting to teach one more lesson to get our 14 and its been raining like crazy here. There was no one outside and all the sudden we get a call from Virginia!! She asked where we were and said she had her 2 dogs for a couple hours and wanted us to meet them. So we met her and started talking to her. She let me walk one of her dogs and took us to the graveyard where her husband is buried. She misses him so much We were able to share some scriptures with her, teach her a little bit about the plan of salvation and testify that she can live with her husband again. It was one of the most beautiful moments ever!! It meant so much to her. Virginia said we could come over and teach her more! She is so lonely and is by far one of my favorite people here in Poland. She is so kind! We are really excited about that! We are going to help garden too!

Friday was Sister Packard’s birthday so I really tried to make it special for her! We have been getting along so well and the more I pray for her and serve her the more I love her. It works out really great! We had a really fun day. I took lots of pictures!

My polish is getting better. Yesterday when I was fasting I fasted for many things one of them was to help me understand the polish language more and I was able to understand so much more polish than usual!! The people in our branch (church) bore beautiful testimonies. I love my little branch! :)

I love this work; it makes me so happy to be a part of it! I love you so much and can’t wait to hear from you again next week!!

Love your daughter

Sister Hailey Pearson

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