Monday, 14 October 2013

October 14th, 2013 - I thought the spiders were bad and appreciating the Temple


On Thursday, the beginning of the day was like any other, it was language study/ snack time and so Sister Petherbridge and I were in the kitchen eating a yogurt and Sister Petherbridge couldn’t remember the word for sheep and it was driving her mad so she threw her head back in anger and as she did she saw.. Something on our ceiling... WORMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like 50 of them all over the ceiling of our kitchen!!!!!!!! So we screamed and ran out!  We were freaking out hyperventilating I almost threw up and fainted at the same time!!!!!!!! We were flipping out!!! It was DISGUSTING ! We called Elder Wilson in a panic and the Elders came over and he killed every single one of them for us and then sprayed the whole kitchen with bug poison stuff. It was very nice of him since we clearly were not in the state to do so. I was still on the verge of puking at this point. Then it was over and done with and we went about our day! We taught Krystyna our member and went to Sosnowiec and visited less active members and took the wrong bus coming home and ended up in the middle of nowhere!! It was a little bit of a detour but we eventually got a bus back to Sosnowiec and then one to Katowice so we were a tad late coming home. We finally get home turn on the lights and THERE WAS MORE WORMS like 20 of them! They were like little inchworms or maggots we don’t really know but we were so upset I almost cried!! What did we do to deserve this nightmare! So we had to kill all of them again by ourselves. We sprayed all the poison and then I died inside. It’s been 5 DAYS and today we only found 5! But one of them was in Sister Petherbridge’s drink.. That was upsetting. Hopefully they will be gone soon.

In other news! We taught Barbara the stop smoking program! It is the special program that the missionaries use and thousands have used it and have succeeded so we are VERY excited!!! It was an hour and a half of reading polish.. It was rough but she’s been doing it and it is day 3!! So pray for her!

Yesterday we gave our talks in church !!! It was TERRIFYING  But we did it :) Rafał helped a bit with the translation I will send you a copy of the English version and then the Polish so you can see :) it was really scary! BUT it was a blessing that we were asked to speak, we had 4 INVESTIGATORS in sacrament meeting!!! Our new one Małgorzata came who we have been doing service for AND another Małgorzata and her daughter Patrycja from our dzieci English class came! They brought us cake! Sylwia came too! It was beautiful! We felt so loved and supported and everyone was really nice about it :) I’m glad I did it! I’m also glad it’s over hahaha.

Sister Petherbridge and I made POUTINE for Canadian Thanksgiving!! It was delicious!!

ALSO this part is crucially important. I got the talk you sent me, a temple of learning by Elder Bednar, and you were so inspired!!!! I RECEIVED SO MUCH INSPIRATION! Since I have been a missionary I have struggled with the thought of coming home and living in the world again and just going back into old habits and things like that. As a missionary its like my eyes have been opened to how bad the world is really getting and its really upsetting. So there were things that I wanted to be better about when I came home. I have been thinking a lot about how I can still live in the world when I come home but be sanctified and live as great as I am as a missionary and just be more awesome and more spiritual! So the talk you sent me answered all of those internal questions of my soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that if I am going to the temple regularly and being worthy of the covenants I have made I cannot be IN the world. I will be able to live a higher standard than I did before and still feel as connected to the Lord and worthy as I feel as a missionary! It’s really hard to make all of this make sense in an email but it blew my mind!!!!!!!! It made me think about my future home and how I can make IT a temple of learning for my children!!! To teach them and protect them and help them prepare to go to the temple! I just discovered that the temple is the exact opposite of the world and THAT is how I will be strong and righteous and be my best self!! Even though it’s really hard to be away from the temple for my mission I think it has taught me to appreciate it so much more! I can’t WAIT to go when I am home :)

So that’s about it for this week! It was great and I loved everything about it!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends. I am grateful to have you all in my life. I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!

Continue to be your best!

The most love,

 Sister Pearson

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  1. Sister Pearson, I thought the spiders were bad too, but this week your post has me dying! Just tears streaming down my face as I die laughing! I'm sorry! Your posts are so awesome! You are so fun and infectious with your happy demeanor. I hope your pest control problems will be solved for your sake. But I sure have enjoyed reading about them and sharing them with my family! - Waski's mom