Tuesday, 22 October 2013

October 22, 2013 - A Joyous week of Miracles

What a joyous week!
So as you know, Sister Petherbridge and I are teaching a woman named Barbara. She is amazing! We have been teaching her since a little before I got here so it’s been a while BUT she's like a completely different person. This goes along with my miracle story for the week, we taught Barbara the word of wisdom and she told us that she has been smoking for 33 YEARS!!!!!!!!!! She knew it was bad for her health and addicting and that it cost a lot of money but 33 YEARS is a really long time. So as we taught her we told her about the Stop smoking program that we teach as missionaries and she agreed to give it a try. We were so excited! And a little nervous since neither of us have taught it before. Maybe a tad more excited than she was and I think that’s what worried me a little bit because if she didn’t have the desire or the drive to follow the program exactly the chances of her quitting smoking were minimized a little bit. But we met with her and we started the program! She seemed to have a bit more desire half way through the lesson and I gained a little more faith. That is when the praying started. I don’t know if I have ever prayed for something so much before! As part of the program we have daily contact which is nice because we already were talking to her all the time and everyday. If we texted her or called her she would say, "tak 3 dni bez papieros" and to our utter shock and Wonder she kept going!! She came to FHE (Family Home Evening) and English class. We had a meeting set up with her later on in the week and before you know it, it was Friday. And BARBARA HADN'T SMOKED!! In fact it was amazing!! She seemed so much happier every time we saw her, which seemed a little strange for someone who was quitting smoking but she was! I know without a doubt in me that it was because the Lord was with her every step of the way. He was answering our prayers and her prayers. She has not smoked since. I don’t know if I have ever been able to take part in such a miracle before!! Our relationship with her has changed from black to white since I first got to Kato. She is growing closer to God and to the Savior and I am so thankful everyday that I am able to be a part in her conversion.
We were also able to talk to her about her baptism again and about her son Patryk baptizing her. She is so close! I know she is ready because everything about her has changed, Her countenance, her happiness and just her desire and love for the gospel! I love everything about teaching her and can’t wait to keep you updated on her progress!!


That was by far the coolest thing that happened this week. In fact, it made it one of the best weeks of my whole mission!

Also for good new Sister Petherbridge and I went to Chorzów this week to visit some church members who are less active. We were STARVING. We brought some bułki and cottage cheese (YES mom it is a miracle but I forgot to tell you that I eat cottage cheese like 4 Times a week here! I don’t know how it happened but it did) to eat on our way out there on the tram but sometimes Polish people are awkward on trams.. Actually they always are so we felt very uncomfortable eating in front of everyone. They don’t say a word on them! It’s dead silent!! So we waited till we got to Chorzów and there happened to be the mini mall close by so we decided to eat in there cause it was freezing. So we get in the mall and we're just looking for a place to sit and eat and we pass this store, and just so you know I went twice this week to look at winter jackets and I only found some in the Northface store and it was the only one that was even close to being warm enough for the winter and it was like 400$! CRAZY! So we kept looking and have had no luck so far, so anyways back to the mall. So we pass this store and what do we see inside but WINTER JACKETS! Tons of them! and they looked nice and poofy and warm for winter! so we run in to check... AND I got my winter jacket!!!! For........ $23!!!!! YES I DID TYPE THAT RIGHT!! 23 dollars!!! For my winter jacket!! Its black and goes to my knees and its practically down filled!!! It was by far the SECOND biggest miracle I have seen on my mission! No need to worry about that anymore. TWENTY THREE DOLLARS!!

We went to Warsaw yesterday for Sister Petherbridge's legal work and WE GOT TO SEE SISTER PACKARD!!! It was like a dream come true! We called her and made plans to see her and there she was! It was only for like an hour but it was a beautiful hour! Last transfer we said this very thing would happen and it did! It was so great! She goes home so soon!! Its so sad but I’m really excited for her!
Everyday my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel is amplified. There is not a doubt in my bones! There is nothing more gratifying than sharing the beautiful message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today and to have someone stop and hear the truthfulness of the words. Its not an easy work to be a part of but it is the best thing I have ever done in my life

Love you,

Sister Pearson

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