Monday, 7 October 2013

October 7th, 2013 - Never been so happy in my life!

So this week was amazing!!!!!!!!!  As per usual. GENERAL CONFERENCE!! Need I say more! I can’t believe how amazing it was!!! I received so much inspiration!!! For everything!! President Uchtdorf’s talk!! President Monson talk!! Elder Christofferson and Elder Ballard’s  talks were my favorite!! :) I still have to watch the Sunday afternoon session!! I was so excited!! Also I got the ensigns you sent!! thank you so much! sending them from Germany!! Its genius!!!!! However they might have made a mistake and sent them in Spanish... it wasn’t your fault I checked the order slip but hey a lady we are teaching right now speaks Spanish! Maybe she needs it!! Anyways it was hilarious and it brought us joy!! So this week was really busy and amazing!! We taught Barbara the word of wisdom! She has been smoking for YEARS so it is going to be a real struggle but we are going to teach her the stop smoking program and the Lord is going to provide a miracle!!! I know it!! I think it’s the only thing holding her back from being baptized so please include her in your prayers!! We also got to do some service for Małgożata again this Saturday and it was so much fun! We went out to her summer hut thing again and cleaned like we've never cleaned before! The Elder’s helped so the work goes so fast! We are now teaching Małgożata too. She is so nice!! I’m so happy to help her and teach her! Amazing things are about to happen I just know it!! I don’t really remember what happened this week other than it being amazing!!

The church is true and I have never been so happy in my life to share the gospel!

If you would like to watch or read one of the talks from General Conference see the link below. Click "Watch 183 Semi-Annual General Conference". My favorite is President Monson talk and can be found in the Sunday Morning Session.


Siostra Pearson

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