Monday, 30 September 2013

September 30th, 2013 - The Incy Wincy Spider & Service

This week was super great!!!! First of all I’ve been getting these weird dots on my legs for the last couple weeks and it was super strange! But it wasn’t bad so we didn’t really do anything about it and then on Wednesday I woke up with a huge one and so we decided it was time to call Sister Edgren. the Mission President’s wife, so we called her and she told us to go through my bed and stuff to look for bugs. If we didn’t find any to go to the doctor so I took apart my bed and there was nothing! But I would always wake up with them so it was super weird. THEN we decided to like pull my bed out and see if there was anything behind there... THERE WAS. There was a humongous SPIDER!!! I just about threw up!! We screamed for about 10 minutes and then flipped out for another 20 and then sort of gathered ourselves and got this bottle of poison and just poured it on the spider till it died! I was literally mortified.. Sort of still am. The idea of getting bit by a spider in the middle of the night for like 3 weeks is pretty horrific and makes me sick to think about it but its all good! I haven’t got any new ones since we killed it and all my other ones are almost all gone!! How’s that for a mission experience?

I thought you and everyone else would get a kick out of that one. Anyways on a more positive note, this week was actually very good. We taught Sylwia the word of wisdom and she is going to live it! Even though she can’t be baptized right now it’s another step in the right direction :) We also taught Barbara! We invited her to be baptized and she is really thinking about it! Both of her sons served missions and are married in the temple so she’s been around the church for a long time. She says once she knows it’s true she will be baptized. We are going to help her quit smoking and teach her the lessons and I know she will receive her own answer! We are so excited!!!!

We also got to go do some service for a lady this past weekend with the Elders! We got to geep around her windows!! Which is like that stuff you put on to fill in wholes before you paint! Then she took us out to her summer home and we got all her gardens ready for winter!!! It was so much fun!! We might do service for her every Saturday for the rest of the transfer!! We are also going to start teaching her this week! We cannot wait! Her name is Małgożata and the Elders found her. She is the sweetest lady ever!!! Well that’s my week in a nutshell!! It was amazing!! I had no idea that I would love my mission this much! I think I love it more and more each day. I have so much fun!! It is the best!! I am so blessed and it makes me so happy :) I love this gospel so much. It’s the most amazing opportunity to be here and share it with everyone everyday!! I never thought I would be speaking Polish either but the Lord truly makes miracles happen!!! It’s such a blessing!!

Thanks for your prayers!!
Love you all,

Siostra Pearson

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