Saturday, 14 September 2013

September 9th - I Love My Mission

This week was really good, time is going by really fast like you said and we have been so busy! This week went by really fast with me going to Warsaw and then transfers and crazy things! On Thursday we took Sister Packard to the train station and sent her on her way and to tell you the truth it wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be because I know that we will be friends forever now. I love her so much and I have learned so much from her that it wasn’t good-bye it was just see you soon. And now I’m emailing her right now and life is just good! Besides Sister Petherbridge and I are just having a grand time! We are doing so well and SO many amazing things are going to happen this transfer we are so excited!! Miracles are already happening!!! For example our first day alone we had 7 hours of contacting time so we were super excited!! We actually started this new thing where we started singing instead of talking. It’s been very successful. We sing about people’s salvation and we sing in polish and it’s just a really great time! So after 6 and a half hours of contacting and only one listening to us, we were walking up this hill on and Sister Petherbridge looks at me and she says," do you think we can teach one lesson before we go home?" and I was like ya I do. So we both started praying and we were walking and I literally just started praying and like 40 seconds later we turned a corner and there was a lady walking towards us so I contacted her and she stopped and listen. I taught her all about the Book of Mormon. She listened and it was BEAUTIFUL! The Lord is so aware of all of us. I didn’t even get to finish my prayer before He put that lady in my path. It was a miracle!! I am seeing miracles all over the place since transfers! Yesterday at church I participated in both Sunday school and Relief Society and I could actually understand what was being said! When I make phone calls and talk to people speaking polish, I comprehend what is being said to me and I can have a true conversation. I don’t even know how its been happening!! Actually I do its all from the Lord and it is very exciting!! I love my mission and the opportunity I have to serve here with Sister Petherbridge!! I LOVE MY MISSION! Everyday I love it more! Some days I wake up and it’s weird. I’m on a mission. I have heard about missions my whole life and now here I am on one of my very own. It doesn’t seem real. It’s such a blessing to my life already and I still have more to experience.

I love you all and I love this gospel

xoxo Love Siostra Pearson

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