Monday, 16 September 2013

September 16th, 2013 - Miracles are about to happen

Let me tell you about my week!!

First off, last Monday on P-day we went bowling and it was so much fun! Then Sister Petherbridge and I went on an exchange! Sister Petherbridge went to Kraków and Sister Allen came here with me. It was quite difficult because I missed Sister Petherbridge SO MUCH!! But it was really good and I learned a lot.
On Tuesday we had zone training. It was all about being optimistic and happy. My zone leaders, Elder Wilson and Lanham called me out in front of everyone and asked me my secret to happiness. Apparently I am 1 of the 3 happiest people in the entire mission. I was honored. I felt so blessed that the Lord has taken something that I thought was just a small part of who I am and made into such a wonderful talent that blesses the lives of others. It’s an amazing thing to be known for in the mission and I hope the Lord will continue to bless me so that I can help others!
The other half of our zone training was about our baptismal goal for our mission this year and how miracles are going to happen and they ARE!!! I was so pumped up and the spirit was so strong! The next day I went to Kraków with Sister Allen and the Elders because they were doing zone training again to the other half of the zone and since Sister Petherbridge was there I just went with all of them and had the training twice! What a blessing!! And also to have Sister Petherbridge back! We really came together after our training and had the most intense weekly planning probably ever known!! We prayerfully made goals and plans and they are so inspired, right from the Lord. We are so ready and optimistic!! My faith has never been so great!! I know that miracles are happening this transfer. I KNOW IT!!! So to get all of those miracles started we are working harder then ever and I know the Lord is going to help fulfill our righteous desires. Its so exciting!!!!
The very day we made all of these goals and really felt like we started our transfer we went contacting to this lady’s house. On the way there we contacted a lady named Kasia and she is getting baptized!! I know it! I went to contact her and she definitely was going to turn me down but then she saw the beautiful pass a long card I tried to give her and she stopped right in her tracks. We talked about who we are and all about the book of Mormon. She was so happy and excited! It was like an instant connection. We just loved her!! It took everything in me not to hug her when we were saying good-bye but I held it in.
All emotions are amplified, as a missionary especially love for these people. Anyways we are teaching her on Tuesday and we cannot wait! She is definitely going to do wonders in our branch.
Saturday we had another miracle!! We have been teaching a children’s English class to a girl Patrycja, whose 11, and her mom Małgorzata. We LOVE them!! This Saturday we went to start our lesson and she told us that this week she went to the library to look for a book of Mormon and they didn’t have one!... that’s when I died and told her that we have some that we would give her!! For our spiritual thought we watched this I’m a Mormon video because THEY HAVE TRANSLATED SOME OF THEM INTO POLISH!! This has literally changed my entire mission. Those videos ARE life changing and we showed her the one of the man who won the super bowl. He’s bald and has a goatee. Anyways you should watch it this week. We watched it and she was tearing up and the spirit was there. We talked about how he left the NFL for his family. It was so beautiful! We taught the English lesson and we have such a good relationship with them its amazing!
At the end of the lesson I gave her a book or Mormon and asked if we could teach them more about our beliefs and she was like ya we would love that! We were like WHAT!! YAAAAAAY! So we are teaching them this week!!!! yay!! and then we will get to teach a FAMILY! Once we meet her husband and other son. I don’t know if I have ever been so excited! They left the chapel and we just started freaking out and singing and dancing and hugging and I think we scared the Elder’s who were still in the building but there was SO MUCH JOY!!!!! It truly is the happiest work in the world!!

On another note, a lady in our branch, who we read the Book of Mormon with in English needed some help at her home and we really just want to help her. This week she FINALLY let us come over and help clean her house!! Yay!! Service!! We were there for 3 hours. We felt so accomplished! And she was so happy! We are going back again this week to do her some more!! Yay! Its going to be great! I love her so much and I love helping her out. She’s had such a hard life and it’s so wonderful to be able to help :)

Those were the main highlights of this week! President Urban asked me to give a talk in 2 weeks and I am terrified. That’s a really hard thing to do with my level of polish but of course I will do it. I’m really nervous but I know the blessings that will come so just pray for me!

Miracles are about to happen. I know that if we expect them and we do our part and we do it with joy, the Lord will do his part and we will all be so incredibly happy. I have never been happier then I am now in this work. Everyday is better then the last and I had no idea that this much happiness would come from helping in the Savior’s work. IT’S SO AMAZING!!

I feel your prayers strengthening me and I hope mine do the same to you. I really suggest you use It has seriously changed my life! And my mission! The Elders make fun of me for it but it is so inspired and so powerful!
NOW as of a few days ago I can actually use it!! Because they translated some of them in to Polish! Really they are amazing and they bring the spirit in so strong! When you get a minute look into it.

I promise you will feel the spirit and you will feel God's love. And I can actually PROMISE you that as a representative of Jesus Christ. I can also promise you that the Savior, Jesus Christ, loves you and he knows EVERYTHING that is going our lives. 

The most amount of love,
Siostra Pearson

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