Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September 3, 2013 It's Transfer time! Will she stay or will she go? Special Shout out to the Neiman's who served in Poland too!!

Soooo TRANSFERS!! President Edgren called us on Sunday to let us know what would be happening.. and.... IM STAYING IN KATO WITH SISTER PETHERBRIDGE!
Sister Packard has been called to Warsaw so that means that I am the senior companion now.. it’s going to be really great and we are all very excited! It’s hard to see Sister Packard leave me :( she has been the best trainer ever and has helped me so much and taught me how to be a great missionary. But more importantly she's my friend and that will never change!! I love her so much. It’s actually really interesting because Sister Petherbridge and I are the ONLY companionship in the whole mission that is not changing! The whole mission changed! So even though it would've been exciting to go to a new place, I feel very honored to be here and to stay with Sister Petherbridge. President Edgren actually told me on the phone that if he could keep the three of us together he would've but I know that Sister Packard is really needed in Warsaw and it was really nice to hear him say that. The mission is going through a lot of changes and I know that the Lord needs me here in Kato still and it’s going to be really hard!! We rely on sister Packard’s experience and her Polish a lot. It’s big shoes to fill but I know that Sister Petherbridge and I can do it!! The Lord is on our side and I am going to learn SO MUCH!! So I am really excited. Big things are going to happen this transfer.

Yesterday I got to go to Warsaw!!! I just had to go get my legal work all figured out and you have to do it in person so I went on the train all by myself. I got there and I was waiting for the Elder’s to pick me up and all the sudden I see white shirts and nametags coming through the crowd and then I saw ELDER ALLEN!! (From my MTC group) literally running towards me!! It was the best surprise ever!! They didn’t even tell me he was going to be there! He was doing all his legal work to! So I was with the 4 Elders’ all day but Elder Allen just talked to me the whole time! I may have freaked them out a little bit well except for Elder Allen because they don’t serve with sisters and sometimes my excitement is a lot to take in. Elder Allen just told me all about his entire mission thus far and we told stories and he taught me some Polish! We went for lunch and before I knew it, it was already time to go back to the train station! It was so fun! I’m so glad he was there he just got me all pumped up about my mission and about learning Polish again and I know that the Lord knew I needed a little something so it was really fun! He told me that on transfer night he knew he was going to a city called Poznań but he didn’t know which sisters got called there. He was praying that it would be me! And then it wasn’t and he was sad and then he showed up to the train station and there I was! Our MTC group was really something special and it was so nice to be able to see him and have him help me out! What an adventure!! OH and Elder Neuner is the new AP (Assistant to the Mission President)! We came to the chapel on Friday and the 3 Elders were there and I was like where is Elder Neuner..?! And he was GONE! I am so proud of him! He’s going to be a great AP.

That’s pretty much the excitement of last week! Sister Packard leaves on Thursday :( so were finishing off really strong and just loving life!!

Oh something interesting I keep forgetting to tell you, remember how the Neiman's served here in Poland? Well they actually served here in Katowice and the members all remember them! Anyways there is our one member Rafał who I talk about a lot and he was telling me his conversion story. He was actually one of the English students and he was in the Neiman’s English class!!! He actually said that he owes his conversion to them. He said they helped him so much and because of them he is a member today!! How cool is that!!
I love you so much! Thank you for your prayers! They make a difference! I am blessed by the Lord everyday that I am out here and I am so happy to be here and to serve!

Thanks for all you do!

Much Love,
Sister Pearson

The Castle we visited 

Artsy Pose in front of the Castle

Drawing the Plan of Salvation

Yellow Watermelon!!!!

Birthday Fun! Sister Pearson, Sister Petherbridge, Sister Packard

The 3 Sister P's

A reminder of Home

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