Monday, 11 November 2013

Goodbye Katowice and Hello Warsaw

I’m in Warsaw!

My week didn’t start out like that.

On Tuesday the branch threw a going away pizza party for transfers, it was so good! but so sad! There wasn’t a ton of members there but the ones who were there were so great and everyone was just saying such nice things. It was a great chance to see the people here and to recognize the love I have for them. I knew I was sincerely going to miss them. I am so grateful for the time I had with them, to help them and to learn from them. It was beautiful and part of me will always be with them in Katowice.

On Wednesday we taught English for the last time and said goodbye to all of those people who aren’t members. Once again my heart was just so full of LOVE for them all and I just felt so privileged to meet them and know them.

After English class we had a meeting with Barbara. Sister Blake who is one of the sisters replacing us in our area came to Katowice that night so she joined in our lesson with Barbara. It was nice for Barbara to meet her with us there. It was our first meeting together since before her work schedule went crazy. So we met and talked to her about her life and how she STILL HASN’T SMOKED and just about her faith and testimony. She shared that she knows this is true and the spirit was so strong. I cannot explain how much love I have for Barbara. She changed my life. My heart is filled to the brim when I think of her. After we talked about her testimony we talked to her about baptism again and how we KNEW she would be baptized. It is the next step for her. It was just beautiful to be able to talk with her and testify to her. Oh man I will never forget that meeting. I could talk about it for hours but it came to and end. We took a couple pictures and then had to say goodbye and she hugged us and then tears started streaming down her face and we hugged some more. I think it took her off guard. It definitely took me off guard! So then all three of us were crying as we said goodbye and it was one of the most tender times of my mission. I have been so blessed to be able to work with her and help her come closer to Christ. I will forever be grateful for her and for the time Sister Petherbridge and I had to be with her and all grow together.

Then Thursday came. It was kind of sad because Sister Petherbridge and I didn’t really get a last night as a companionship because Sister Blake was staying with us but it was really good and in the morning we went on the train to Warsaw. It was bittersweet! It’s really hard to explain. But I know that its not really goodbye for Sister Petherbridge and I. We will be friends forever and there are just things that we need to learn now from other people and other areas. Its going to be great.

So WARSAW!! It’s huge! and beautiful! and there are people all over the place and NONE OF THEM KNOW WHO I AM! haha its so cool!
I got here and we went and met up with two of the Elders in my district and set up a white board. We talked to so many people and there are so many people here who speak English it’s so weird! I didn’t even know what to say to half of them! It was so embarrassing! My English is so horrible now. Anyways it was really fun and there is a special energy here. The next day we did another white board with different Elders in our district and we only had 1 hour and in that 1 hour we met our goal for the day! We talked to so many people and gave out 3 books of Mormon! The Lord has been blessing us left right and center!! It’s crazy! Then we taught our investigator Beata the plan of salvation which was very new for me to be teaching. It was a learning experience and it was so much fun! The spirit was so strong. The Lord has really shown me a lot just being here especially with the language. My language has been improving so much in these last couple months but it’s not the best ever. In fact it’s not even close BUT I still talk to people. I love them and I work hard to receive that help from the Lord, I know that he will help me and that everyone learns differently and at different paces. I’m just so grateful for where I am now.

OH! Let me tell you about my new companion!! Sister Tobler!! She is so cool!! She is my FIRST companion from Utah! She’s from somewhere near Provo. She has such a beautiful singing voice! She was making her own cd before her mission! She’s so cute and I already love her! This is her second transfer and her polish blows my mind! She just gets it and speaks beautifully! I’m going to learn so much from her. It’s going to be so great! We've been laughing a lot. I feel really good about it. There are a lot of things that will be happening this transfer. I already know its going to be one of the greats.
Yesterday was Sunday, so I got to meet my new branch. They are wonderful! I bore my testimony and I was just myself. I told them that I didn’t speak polish so well and I hoped they had lots of patience. I just spoke about missionary work and the happiness of the gospel. Then I told them that I already loved them! I did! It is so cool!!! Many of them came and talked to me after and I just felt so welcomed and loved already. OH! We meet in a chapel!! A real one! It’s the only one in Poland and its BEAUTIFUL!!! It’s been so long since I’ve been in a church building! It was so cool!! 

I have been reading through conference talks again. I was reading one by Bishop Causse from the priesthood session. It was directed towards missionaries!!!! He talked about how we need to be humble which will make us want to be obedient which will allow us to have the spirit! I can’t wait to study it more and apply it into my life now so I can be the best missionary and the best ME I can be. I love my mission. More than I ever thought I would. THE CHURCH IS STILL TRUE IN WARSAW!!

Siostra Pearson

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