Monday, 25 November 2013

Half way there and livin' on a prayer

WHOAAAAH I’m halfway there… whooah livin on a prayer! I’m halfway!!!  My mission is going so fast its crazy!! We talk about it all the time. Its blowing my mind!! 9 months! It’s a really cool point in my mission actually. Because I can look back on the first half of my mission and see who I’ve become and all the things I have accomplished. All the miracles and laughs and then look forward to the NEXT 9 months and its going to be even better!!

I cannot explain to you all the amazing things that happened to us this week. As you know we have goals and we also started the 40 day fast (not literally just a goal program), and it’s like we showed the Lord that we were willing to sacrifice and that we wanted to be better and he blessed us TEN FOLD!  We were a little worried about accomplishing all of our goals but the Lord provided miracles and we were able to accomplish everything!!! We passed out 10 books of Mormon by Wednesday! And surprisingly we gave out many of those on trams and buses. I have never liked tram and bus contacting EVER but we decided that if we needed to accomplish all these things we needed to, we really needed to go the extra mile to talk to everyone and so we did. The Lord blessed us so much! My faith has never been stronger!!

We met with Kasia this week. She walked into the chapel right before transfers and said she had learned about the church before and wanted to be baptized. WHHAAAAATT!?!?  And then she had to go to a family reunion so we haven’t been able to meet with her since! But she came back this week and we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. We planned out her whole baptismal calendar and guess when she's getting baptized.. DECEMBER 14TH!!!!! We met with her 4 times this week and she came to all 3 hours of church and just loved it. The branch did a great job of fellowshipping as well, which is something we were worried about. We just wanted her to feel welcome. She just talked to everyone and invited them all to her baptism. It’s just amazing! She knows this gospel. It’s great to see the Lord's timing. For whatever reason she was not ready before but now she is so prepared! Half the time she's teaching US the lessons! She is so wonderful. I've never had an experience like this on my mission so far. It’s been such a struggle to keep people interested or progressing or to have them actually want to be baptized. Kasia, is a miracle.

I think one of the most amazing things about this week was that we were able to achieve our goals (in our hearts). We are working hard and STILL have so much fun! We laugh all the time we are so happy!!!! It’s an important balance to have and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I love my mission and I love this work and it shows! We are genuinely excited to talk to people and to teach them of Christ! Heavenly Father sees that in my companion and I. This is why we were successful this week.

It was a great week! Undeniably one of the best of my mission, but this weeks going to be even better!!

Miss you so much all the time!! But it’s easy to love the work and that makes it all worth it :)
Siostra Pearson :)
Me with my new companion Sister Tobler

In Warsaw, Poland

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