Monday, 2 December 2013

Remembering why I'm serving a mission

We had a fantastic week!!!! Every week is fantastic but I loved this one! Thank goodness for Sister Tobler, We laugh so much and have so much fun. I am soooo thankful! It was a tough week but it was wonderful at the same time. We just about got the standard (achieving our goals for the week). But this week I learned so much more about my purpose as a missionary and what I’m really here to do. Even though the standard is an amazing goal and something we are definitely still going to go for, it is not why I came on a mission. The Lord doesn’t care if I got the standard of excellence this week, He cares about the people I talked to and gave books of Mormon to, he cares about Kasia and her progression towards baptism, and he cares about me. He knows my heart and my intentions just as he knows Everyone’s. I lost sight of that this week. I got caught up in the thrill of numbers and getting so close to the standard! Don’t get me wrong I love the standard (achieving my goals).

I have not had greater opportunities to reach my goals as I do now. We have been working so hard and the Lord has been blessing us so much! But I need to remember why I am here and what I am here to do. We didn’t just give out 10 books of Mormon this week, we gave 10 people the keystone of our religion, the key to knowing for themselves if this whole church is true and if Joseph Smith is a prophet and that God truly knows and loves us! That is a big deal!!! I am so glad I was able to learn the things that I needed to learn this week. Every week I am taught a lesson that I know will help me for the rest of my life. That is another reason why I love my mission!

We also got to go to the President and Sister Edgren’s home (Mission Home) for American Thanksgiving!!!! It was so wonderful!! I haven’t had that good of food since being at home!! 9 MONTHS and it was so good! I wish we could eat there everyday! It was really nice to be there with all the other missionaries, my friends! Along with the Edgren’s and Elder and Sister Durrant! What a wonderful experience!! It’s not like being at home but I was still surrounded by people I love and that was wonderful!!

All of us Missionaries serving in Warsaw having Thanksgiving dinner at the Mission Home

 We went to English class this week and there is this man Stan who has been "investigating" the church for like 20 years. Stan was talking about his Mom and how much he loved her and he said, "you can have 10 wives if you want, but you only have one mom. And I love her best."
I almost shed a tear after that one :)

 That’s about it for this week!! I love you even more and I hope you have a wonderful week!!!
Siostra Pearson
Sister Tobler and I cracking up!

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