Monday, 9 December 2013

I've never felt more like a missionary than now!

This week was awesome!!! We had so much fun! On Wednesday we had special zone training by the AP’s (assistants to the President) and President and Sister Edgren!!! It was great!! I LOVE trainings!! There’s so much inspiration and we get to hear from President and see all the other missionaries!!! I’m always committed to be better and change things after I go to our meetings.

Thursday we had GERMAN NIGHT!! With Elder Stumpf and Brown!!! We made spaetzel and schnitzel for dinner! It was so delicious!! I felt connected to my ancestors!!! Elder Stumof is straight up German so we had a lot of fun!  After dinner we met with the other elders and went CAROLLING!!! For the first time! iI loved it!! There’s only like 4 Christmas songs translated into polish so we sang English ones too and it got me in the Christmas mood!! It was freeeezing but worth it!! We will be doing carolling a lot these next couple weeks so I can’t wait!!
FRIDAY was one of the worst days of my mission.. No joke. It’s winter here finally!! It snowed! then it was a blizzard and there was thunder and lightning. The wind is soooo bad it cuts right through you!! 
All the trams broke that day so we had no way to get to the chapel!!! We walked and took like 8 different buses it took us 2 hours to get to the chapel! All the trams broke and it was a blizzard so the buses weren’t really coming either!! We were and hour and 10 minutes late to our meeting with Kasia!! Good thing she is so patient!! It was a rough one though but Sister Tobler and I just laughed the whole time :) it was great in the end!

Saturday I witnessed the first baptism of my mission!!!! This young guy Michał was baptized and it was beautiful!!! I’ve seen so many baptisms before but there was something so different about it now that I am a missionary! Maybe it’s because this is my life. This is what I focus on all the time is teaching people and helping them know for themselves that this is true. I help them with their desire to follow the Savior’s example and be baptized and become happier than they ever thought was possible. I been working my whole mission with people and sharing with them how they can be happy by following the gospel of Jesus Christ. Saturday I was able to see that. I never met Michal before but when he walked back into the room after he had changed clothes and was baptized, it was like he was glowing he looked so happy and clean! Like a physical light was around him and it just about brought me to tears. 
It also got us really excited for Kasia's baptism THIS SATURDAY!!! Kasia is doing really well and we are all very excited about her baptism!!  She has experienced some opposition but at church yesterday she said she knows this church is true. It warmed my soul and I just love her so much! She’s so brave and strong! I can't imagine the struggles and hardships she is going through but her testimony is strong and in a few days she will be a baptized member of the church :) I am so HONOURED that I get to help her in her conversion and that the Lord chose me to be here and help her. I have never felt more like a missionary than now :) and it’s wonderful!

With Love,

Siostra Pearson
Christmas Carolling in Warsaw

Eating a German Feast

Preparing the German Feast

Siostra's at the Baptism

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