Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December 30th, 2013, Boxing Day Foo Foo

Happy New year!!!

Christmas was wonderful! It didn’t feel like Christmas at all really but I had a really fun time with all the missionaries and had some toast for Christmas dinner!! But I loved talking to everyone :) it was GREAT!! Poland pretty much shuts down on any kind of holiday. Here the holidays last pretty much until after New Years day so the work has been a little slower BUT on boxing day Dennis, an African man from my new branch, invited all the missionaries over for.. FOO FOO!!! And now Boxing Day will forever be foo foo in my life. So let me give you a little back ground although it wont do it any justice but I will have it all on video when I come home. Dennis has been in Poland for 12 years and hasn’t seen his family the whole time; they are all in Africa still. It was really nice that he had us over because we weren't with our families and he wasn’t with his. But this man is the funniest most amazing humble person ever!!! He’s really loud and laughs a ton! So we all go over to his house and make foo foo together! This is a traditional African dish that everyone eats all the time and we ate it! You eat it all with your hands and oh man I can’t explain it more than that but it was so good and so fun! After we ate he told us his conversion story and all about his family, culture and all about how awesome it is. We had so much fun!! Other than going to Dennis's we did some white boards and talked to a lot of great people!
I had an interview with President Edgren before transfers. Everyone is gearing up for transfers. I have no idea what will happen. I’ve never had so much anticipation for it before. In my interview I just told President I would do whatever he needed me to do. As a mission president he deals with so much and I just wanted to help it be a little easier on him. I thought of all these things in my head that I wanted to say and about who I wanted to be with or where I wanted to go but when it comes down to it, this is the Lord's work and that’s why I came here! So I need to be ok with whatever happens!

I love you all and I miss you!! But I just love my mission!
I had no idea I could love it so much! But I’m happy I do :)

Sister Hailey Pearson
Our Boxing Day dinner, Foo Foo

Our District, with President and Sister Edgren in the Front

Sister Tobler & I  eating a fantastic burger

Great minds thing alike, we didn't plan on matching!

All of us go karting
Saying goodbye to Sister Packard

In front of the church building. The only chapel in Poland.
Sister Mikalouska and I at the Boxing Day dinner at Dennis's eating Foo Foo

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