Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year! Change, Baptism & I love my mission!


So my week was crazy! The week went by really fast. Sister Mikalauska and I had a great time!!! We celebrated New Years Eve and went to a member’s house and made Pierogi with her! It was so fun and so easy! We'll make lots when I come home :) then we had to be inside by 6 because its not safe so Sister Mikalauska and I wrote some letters and danced in our apartment. We felt so refreshed in the morning!! We slept with earplugs in our ears cause it was so crazy outside but it was still great!
On Saturday we got to go to yet another baptism!!! Stanisław was baptized. It was one of the most beautiful baptisms I’ve ever seen!! There is nothing I love more than baptisms, especially as a missionary. I feel like I have this whole different understanding of what these people are actually choosing and it’s beautiful!! Sadly I don’t have any pictures but it was so wonderful. All the missionaries were there and people from Warsaw 1 branch (that I used to be in) and President and Sister Edgren. I loved every minute of it! Stanisław is actually really cool! He has been meeting with the Elders for about 2 months. I use to talk to him all the time at church and just ask how he was doing, he always seemed a little uneasy like he would tell me that the Elders talked to him about baptism again and how he wasn’t sure if he was ready and he was always worried he wasn’t ready. Then one day they were broadcasting the Christmas devotional and he came a little late and I was in the hallway so I said hi to him and you'll never guess what he told me, he said I feel so bad for being late but I was at home reading the Book of Mormon and I just lost track of time! He said he had been reading since he got home from church and didn’t even realizing he had been reading for like 4 hours!! He just said it was so good and he loved it!! It was SO COOL! At his baptism, on Saturday, I said congratulations and he looked so different! I asked him how he was doing and he said "jest to szczególnie dzień, Staję chrzest dzisiej!" and he was SO HAPPY!! I’ve never seen him look like that before! His whole countenance had changed and he was ready. Oh sorry he is a really special day, I am becoming baptized today! It is a testimony builder to me that people are being prepared here in Poland to receive the gospel. This last transfer 8 people were baptized and I was able to witness 4 of them!!!! I didn’t witness a baptism in Poland until this transfer, people are changing. People are being prepared.

Speaking of people being prepared...

Two nights ago, I received a call from Elder Lanham. Elder Lanham is still serving in Katowice as the zone leader. He said, I have something amazing to tell you and so he proceeded to give me the news that someone whom I loved very much and spent a lot of prayers, thoughts and time over was making a big change in their life... he told me that....


She is getting baptized this SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! Sylwia!!! I hope you remember her! Slywia was my first investigator on my mission, she is like the best member in Kato and she wasn’t baptized yet!!! I LOVE HER!! SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! I always knew it would happen one day. The Lord has his hand in all things! We don’t always understand his timing but He loves and knows all of us. I am so happy for Sylwia and that I get to help out in this amazing work!!!

I saved the best for last :) TRANSFERS!! So prepare yourselves!!!!!!! President called last night, and he asked how I was doing and I said good and he said, drum roll please... hahaha…. he said Sister Pearson I have 2 assignments for you, First... I would like you to TRAIN this transfer! We only have one sister coming into the mission and I want you to train her. Secondly, I would like you to... go back to WARSAW 1!!!!!!!!!! He said that he felt like I was taken out of there too soon and that it would be better for me to train in a place I was more familiar with. So he is sending me back to Warsaw 1!!! I almost screamed!!!! I started dancing on the phone.. silently… so he thought I was very composed and I was freaking out!!!
I AM TRAINING AND IM GOING BACK TO WARSAW 1!!!! Remember how much I loved it there!?!?! and how hard it was to leave and everything?! Well I’m going back!!! I’m terrified to train but I am also really really excited for this wonderful opportunity!!! I’m going to learn and grow so much! The Lord will help me and I hope I will help her! There is something really special about being a trainer, I’m so honored :) I CANT WAIT!!
So that’s about it!!! Sister Mikalauska is staying in Warsaw 2 Sister Tobler is going up to Gdańsk!! and Sister Petherbridge to Poznań! I’m going to miss all my dear other companions but it’s another opportunity to have a new best friend :) its going to be a huge adventure and I can’t wait!!! I LOVE MY MISSION!!!

Love Sister Hailey Pearson

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