Sunday, 26 January 2014

January 20th, 2014 - Sacrifices are worth it!

My week was so great! I LOVE SISTER STRATTON! She is so cool and we get along really well. I LOVE TRAINING SO MUCH! It is seriously so much fun! It is a ton of work but I’m so happy I’m doing it!
Sister Stratton is picking things up really fast and she's very patient and loving. and we are having so much fun! We did a lot of white boards with the Elders this week and she is contacting everyone on her own! We met with our investigators this week and it was a little different because its Sister Stratton’s first week in the country she doesn’t understand or speak a ton of polish so there is a lot of responsibility on me. But I like the added pressure I feel it motivates me and helps my polish. It also helps me to rely more on the Lord, it’s like so much happens for my spiritual growth in one week that it’s so hard to fill you in on all of it! It was a wonderful week!!
This week has made me really reflect on the people I have here and love. We met with Kasia and it’s the first time I’ve met with her since the day she was confirmed. We had some other meetings this week with investigators and members here. I just love them all so much! I was talking to Sister Stratton yesterday about how much I love MY mission. The point of a mission is that they are each unique and each our own. After this long 14-week transfer I’ll have been in Warsaw for almost as long as I was in Katowice. I will only have 1 or maybe 2 more cities and some of the sisters I have served with have been transferred around 5 times by now but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The Lord has taught me so much about people, charity and love. I don’t’ think I could’ve learned that as well if I wasn’t around the same people for longer time periods of time. I’m just so grateful for it! It’s like so personal and different for everyone. It’s like a gift form God straight to me everyday that I am here. I am grateful for the companions I’ve served with, the investigators I’ve taught, and learned from the members here in Poland and people on the streets. Each moment has enriched my life. It’s just such a testimony builder that God knows me and loves me. This is my mission and I know that I’m only going to get what I put into it. It was a great reflecting week. 

I read a talk this morning from conference, the be ye converted one by the Young Women President, I think, and it was all about how we need to be individually converted to the gospel and how when we LIVE the things we believe and we make SACRIFICES for them that we will be able to grow more and be more converted, and that sacrificing part hit me. Looking back on my life I have seen the sacrifices that I have made because I know that this gospel is true. It hasn’t been the easiest life but it has been the best one I could have. I made sacrifices because I know this is true and in return my testimony has been strengthened. I am converted because I know this is true. My mission is a sacrifice; I could be at home going to school dating people GETTING MARRIED and being a mom but I chose to come here. I chose to share the gospel with the world because I know it’s true and in return I am blessed and truly converted more than I ever could before. It’s like when you sacrifice for something you realize how important it is and how much you love it. That’s what has happened to me. I love my mission and I love the message that I get to share with people everyday for the rest of my life, what a blessing!! The church is true, I’m speaking polish, and there are people everywhere we go who are ready to accept the message of the gospel!

Sister Pearson

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