Tuesday, 28 January 2014

She always has my back & giving 100%

Right now we are teaching a couple people who I taught with Sister Tobler in early December. Renia is our main investigator right now. In our meeting last week she said she new the church was true and that the Book of Mormon was true but she won’t come to church on Sundays because the catholic church is so much closer to her house.. AHHHHH it’s frustrating sometimes!! But mostly just because I love her so much I just want everyone to realize how amazing this gospel is!
On Saturday we got to do another chapel tour for some university students. One guy who came was a guy I taught and talked with on the street like 3 days before hand!! What are the chances!! It was a wonderful opportunity and so much fun!
Sister Stratton and I are doing so good!! I love her so much and we learn so much everyday! She always has my back and is so supportive! She's the coolest! We have made goals we want to accomplish starting next Sunday so pray for me because it’s really hard to correct and sacrifice little things that aren’t necessarily bad but you want to show the Lord that you are willing to give him everything, 100% and be that person I want to become! It’s going to be amazing I can’t wait!!
Kasia, our recent convert, taught the gospel principles class yesterday and I was so proud of her! It’s her new calling you would have no idea that she's only been a member for like a month and a half! Kasia and I were talking after church about the temple. She really wants to go to the one in France, since there isn’t a temple in Poland. She loves France! She was like; will you please come with me to France for my first time going to the temple? It was SO CUTE!!! I love her so much and I’m so glad I have her as my friend and that I can be here for her. I told her one-day I would go with her :)! I just love how the Lord has put these amazing people into my life and I just love them all so much! It’s amazing. I love it here!!!!

Sister Pearson

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