Monday, 13 January 2014


I received the cutest note from Jasmine Paquette and wow it really made my day!!

My new companion was supposed to arrive on Wednesday BUT all the new missionaries coming to Poland got stuck in Denver!!! for 4 days!!!! So I was with Sister Mikalauska and her new companion for a few days. Yesterday I met SISTER STRATTON, my new companion! She’s from Bountiful, Utah and she is super cute. We get along so good!! Sometimes I feel super nervous to train a brand new missionary, it’s a lot of responsibility but I cannot wait! I am so excited to help her and I know that the Lord has called me to do this. It makes me want to be the very best I can be so that I can influence her and help her! I know I’m not perfect but the Lord will help me to help her. I am so excited!! Yesterday she participated in her first white board and SHE GAVE OUT HER FIRST BOOK OF MORMON!!!!! I was so proud!!! There are so many miracles that happen when you are a trainee. I can’t wait to serve with her!!
We all went to church in Warsaw 1st branch again yesterday!! It was like I was floating on a cloud!! It was so nice to be back there!! I can’t believe this has happened. I literally am blessed unbelievably!! I didn’t think I would ever get to serve back here again!! I got to sit with Kasia in church and it was just so beautiful!!! I’m so excited for this transfer!!!

Sylwia was baptized yesterday! I wish I could have been there to see it but my heart is so full of joy for her that it doesn’t even matter!! This gospel is true! I wish I could just transfer all of these feelings over to you and everyone so you could know what it feels like. I have never been happier in my entire life! Everyday I get to go out and talk to people about Jesus Christ and the restoration, the Book of Mormon and how this gospel has changed my life. I get to share my testimony with the people of Poland and even when they don't stop to listen, I receive a witness from he Holy Ghost every single time that what I am saying is true. I have never known with more clarity that the message of the gospel that I share with people everyday is absolute truth and that it will bless everyone's lives. In turn I’m being blessed so much! It almost doesn’t seem fair to be gaining so much from this experience when I’m here to help other people but I do! It’s just the most wonderful thing I have ever done in my life. I love my mission.

Yesterday we were in our trainers meeting and all the trainers and trainees were there. President Edgren was teaching us and he looks over at me sitting in the crowd and he talked about how every single email he has ever got from me has been nothing but positive and happy. He said he’s been able to watch me grow and watch my love for people grow. He said that he could feel my charity and real love for the people I serve with, the people I teach and the people I haven’t even met yet and he said it was amazing to watch. I almost wept like a child.
My mission has showed me so many things about myself; many of those things are things I need to work on, my weaknesses. But I have also been able to be blessed with strengths. Things that I just thought were who I am have been brought into the light as my strengths, something I know the Lord has blessed me with to help other people and it makes me EVEN MORE HAPPY! It’s just so beautiful! I love my mission.

Time is going very fast, I’m scared but also excited. Elder Tiner just went home a week ago and I looked up to him so much. He ended his mission exactly how I want to end mine. He is such a good example to me! I asked him how he did it, how he worked so hard till the very end and how he loved his mission so much but was excited to go home! It’s like he had the perfect balance, and so I asked him for advice and you know what he said? It was BEAUTIFUL he told me that he understands the Plan of salvation. Because of that understanding he sees the big picture he knows why we are here and what we need to do and what he needs to do next. From his mission he knows how much he gained and he knows what he needs to do now, that beautiful soul of a man! So that is what I am going to do, I know God has a plan for me and that included me coming here to Poland, the best decision I have ever made. I know He has plans for me when I come home too :)

nie bój się ; tylko wierze

Do not fear; only believe!!!! The church is true.My testimony went crazy today but I just LOVE EVERYTHING! My happiness might be a little out of control in this moment but anyways I LOVE YOU!!

Sister Hailey Pearson

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