Monday, 3 February 2014

Changing my approach and the best news ever!

GUESS WHATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the best news of life itself this week..... Are you ready... PRESIDENT UCHTDORF IS COMING TO MY MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!
He’s actually coming TO POLAND!! And will talk to all the missionaries!!!!! I’m freaking out!!! I doubt I’ll be in Warsaw but all the missionaries will meet in Warsaw!! Isn’t that amazing!! It doesn’t happen in our mission very often cause its so small. I always said in the MTC that I wanted to meet President Uchtdorf on my mission. He’s travels to Germany and Poland's right next door AND NOW HE’S ACTUALLY COMING HERE!!! NIE MOGĘ SIĘ DOCZEKAĆ!!!!!!!!! I’m flipping.

This was a super good week by the way, every week feels like a month and I think it’s so impossible for me to learn so much but I do! We were super busy this week. We made tons of white boards with the Elders and I have the coolest story EVER!! Ok so let me explain a white board. My companion and I along with the two Elders set up a white board on a busy street and we write a question on it. It could be any question. Then we just talk to people! However, for my whole mission I usually do the same thing. I stop people and talk to them about the Book of Mormon. I teach them about what it is, why we have it, how I know it’s true and it’s why I’m here! Then I give a Book of Mormon to them and ask to set up another meeting so we can teach them about the Restoration. BUT there this cool thing where missionaries go on the streets and they teach someone and they teach them a whole mini first lesson about Jesus, the Apostasy, Joseph Smith and the first vision and then the Book of Mormon. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO IT! And to recite the first vision on the street! It is one of my goals. I just talked to Elder Brown about it last week and asked him how he did it. On Tuesday, we had an awesome day! We had a wonderful district meeting and then we created a white board with Elder Boyce and Elder Rittmanic. We were FREEZING!! It was so cold and so windy the cold just cut through all our clothes! Anyways, there’s a ton of people on the street and not one person was listening to me, like not one person!! And then I have my cards, because they are my FAVORITE, and I just zaprasać(ed) (this means Invited sometimes Hailey writes in Polish and I have to translate it) this young man and he stopped and took the card and was looking at it so I was like, hey! Have you heard of our church? And he’s like ya it’s in America! I talked to him about how our church is all over the world. I asked him if he had ever heard about the Book of Mormon and he said no! I was like WHAT! naprawdę!? he was like ya i haven’t! I was so happy, I started to teach him about what it was and THEN something amazing happened! I’ve never done it before but for some reason instead of my normal routine I said, the Book of Mormon was translated by the power of God through a prophet, Joseph Smith!! I asked him if he heard of Joseph Smith, he said no. I taught him all about Joseph Smith and his story and then in Joseph Smith’s word I RECITED THE FIRST VISION ON THE STREET! I bore my soul and testimony on it and explained the Book of Mormon now and why it’s so important for our day. This kid was so cool! His name is Piotr and he is 17! He offered me chips in the freezing cold as I taught him about Joseph Smith and the Restoration!! We pretty much became best friends. I told him about Oskar, a young man in my branch, and told him they were going to be best friends. It was such a cool experience! We exchanged contact information and I gave him a Book of Mormon and off he went!

I was just filled with so much joy!!! It was amazing!! That contact changed my life!! And then I realized how easy it was to teach people more information on the street and I kept doing it all week!! It was the most amazing thing ever!!! I LOVE TALKING TO NEW PEOPLE ON THE STREETS! It’s just so crucial and you never know what will come of it. I know that it changes people’s lives including my own!

 Another cool thing happened this week!
We had a Relief Society activity. We had a mini pot luck and made recipe books. I love the women in my branch! They are so cool and it takes so much work to be a member here especially a leader. I just love them for everything they do!

We also did an English white board this week. Our district gets together and just talks to people about our English class we offer. I contacted a man and invited him to English class and he said, oh I already speak English, so I switch to English. He’s from AMERICA! We talked about America and Canada and about what it’s like to be a missionary. He’s married with 2 kids and lives in Poland. He has lived here for 7 years. For some reason, I was just myself. I just talked to him about being Mormon and why I decided to come on a mission. How much I LOVE talking to people on the streets and meeting people. How sharing the gospel makes me so happy because it means so much to me. He just kept asking questions and listened to my detailed answers. He said he met some Mormons before and that including me they have always been really nice which he thought was very commendable. He’s not a believing person but he asked if he could ask me some questions about what I believed and I was like YES! That’s’ why I’m here! He asked, so you guys believe that Jesus was in the Americas right?  I talked to him all about how Jesus was in Jerusalem and then after he was resurrected went to the people in America. He was like wow that’s actually really interesting and then we talked about Joseph Smith and why the early saints had to flee west. He even asked about polygamy (which is a lot easier to explain in English rather than Polish). We just talked for a long time. Then he told me he works for national radio here in Poland and he would love to interview me! He said it would be really cool. He loved my personality and story and thought it would be nice to help clear up something’s that people think about Mormons. I’m still talking to President Edgren about it but I was honoured! So we will see what happens with that.
Sister Stratton and I are getting along so good! I love training! It’s so much fun and we are learning together!

I love the quote from the MTC, obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles and this work is full of them!

I love my mission! I just love being a missionary! I love the people I meet and get to serve and serve with. It has just opened up so many new things for me!

xoxo love Sister Pearson

Sister Stratton and me 

Enjoying lunch with Sister Stratton

Me with Kasia

At the Relief Society Activity

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