Monday, 24 February 2014

My One Year mark! Transfers and Never give up

First of all we had CULTURE NIGHT!! It was so much fun! We went skating in this huge stadium, the nation stadium in Warsaw. I have a couple pictures but I don’t think they will explain why it was so fun. We all went skating together for almost 2 hours and then we went for Mexican food. It was just really nice to be with my friends (the other missionaries) and have fun, you know? It was wonderful!

This week kind of had a little bit of a bump in the middle of it. Wednesday was just one of those days you know? When people were extra harsh and our investigators weren’t accepting the gospel and keeping commitments and being a missionary was just really hard!! So then we finally got to go home and go to sleep and then it was Thursday and it was so amazing!!! We had zero teaching appointments that meant we would be contacting all day long. Considering what the day before was like, I was a little less enthused but we went out and we started talking to people and it was so rough!! The poles just weren’t feeling the gospel. I’ll admit I was struggling a bit and so I prayed in my head. I asked my Heavenly Father to help me WANT to be here and to love these people so I will want to talk to them. My answer to prayer didn’t come right away BUT we ended up teaching 5 people!!  Giving them all books of Mormon and the coolest part was that I felt the Holy Ghost prompting me in my contacts, which was so cool! We were about to go into our office at nowy Ĺ›wiat and honestly I was so happy. I was tired and ready to go in but Sister Stratton was like let’s contact for a little longer while we wait for the Elders. So she contacts this lady and the lady stops and starts talking to her. So I go over to help her out and the lady is about 30, looks at us and she calls us angels! She was so touched that we were here in Poland being missionaries.  Sharing this with people! I started bearing my testimony to her about why we are really here and she looked at Sister Stratton and me and started to cry!! Not just a little but like really crying!! We just talked to her about why we were here and how we knew it wasn’t an accident that we met that night. We told her we wanted to meet with her. We gave her a book of Mormon and she was so touched!! Guess what else!! She lived in Canada for 7 years!!!!!!!!! It was so cool! it was exactly what we needed in our lives and such a testimony to me that it matters that I am here. It matters that we talk to people and the message  we are trying so hard to share with people, the gospel, is TRUE. It changed my life.

Then Saturday came, and yup transfer calls. Sister Stratton and I waited and waited and we were trying so hard to focus and not freak out!! And then President called us... which meant that we were not staying together. I almost threw the phone out the window! But instead I took a deep breath and answered it.. President then said that I needed to pack my things because he was sending me to Bydgoszczas as the new sister training leader there!! I am still in shock. I’m  excited! So excited and honoured that I get to be a Sister Training Leader! But I’m so sad to leave Warsaw. It was so unexpected. I’m so sad to leave my dear Sister Stratton!! But I know the Lord has called me to go to Bydgoszcz and I know that it’s going to be great! I’m going to have the best district in the world! My companion is going to be Sister King! I am excited! Sister Stratton being her amazing self said to me, it just means that I have done exactly what I was suppose to have done here. I did what God needed me to do with her as a Trainee, with the branch here, and with my investigators. Now it’s time for me to go and learn something else that will just help me become the person I am trying to become so I cannot wait!!

I’ll be there for my one-year mark! I can’t believe time has gone by so fast! It’s a new adventure! It’ll be great. A whole YEAR!! I have loved every minute if it!!! I’ll make sure to tell you all about Bydgoszcz and everything about it next week. PRAY FOR ME!


Siostra Pearson
Bogdon, Sister Stratton, me and the twins & baby

Magda & me

Skating on Culture Night

At the Mexican restaurant

My District

The "Fish Bowl" we contact here a lot

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