Monday, 3 March 2014

Bydgoszcz, Paczki Day and Families

I’m in Bydgoszcz! It’s really fun. Honestly there isn’t a ton to say yet about this week because it went by so fast! I said goodbye to everyone in Warsaw and then Sister King and I took the train to Bydgoszcz! My district is so cool! They've helped us find our way around Bydgoszcz and got us all organized. It’s been a whirlwind. I really like the city though. It has a nice canal going through the city and it feels a little slower paced here than in Warsaw! It’s all fresh and new and I’m really excited to meet new people and have new experiences. We met with our branch president here. We talked all about the branch members and less actives and just talked with him for a long time. It is great to know where we can help! We've felt a little lost getting here so it was nice to meet our Branch President and feel connected. Yesterday we went to church and I bore my testimony. I got to know some more of the members. Bydgoszcz is so cool! The whole branch is full of families and I’m so excited to get to know them all!
We have a ton of youth here and I really want to help them. I don’t know in what ways I can other than just being their friend. But if we thought being a member as a youth was hard at home these kids have it way worse and I just want to help strengthen them. I just don’t know how yet.
This week was and adventure. Every time Sister King and I go to do something with Elder White and Kotter something crazy happens. We get lost or just random road bumps happen and that was a lot of the week actually! Thursday was my year mark! It was also fat Thursday where all the Poles eat gross amounts of food specifically these donuts and they just eat so much and then they like fast until Easter. So it’s a missionary tradition to see how many all the missionaries can eat! Mostly the Elders but last year one elder ate 38!!!! This year I think the top was like 32 or something it’s pretty nasty. Sister King and I ate 6!!!! Granted it was the only thing I ate all day but I’m pretty sure we kicked butt compared to all the other sisters! 
This week has been a lot of adjusting and figuring things out. It’s different than Warsaw but I’m so excited to be here! The river is my favorite thing about this city so far. I don’t know why but I have a little obsession with it. It’s so peaceful. It’s my favorite thing. My district is one of the coolest ever created. The branch is so fun! Everyone is so nice. It’s like the biggest branch in the mission that is all polish. All the auxiliary leaders are polish and there are so many FAMILIES!!! I’m going to really love it here. 

The Church is still true in Bydgoszcz! I still love my mission :)

Fat Thursday! picture courtesy of Kelley Herrmann

Siostra King and Siostra Pearson

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