Thursday, 13 March 2014

Miracle of the Week

This week was so GOOD! I’m serious I love Bydgoszcz! The sun finally came out and it made such a huge difference! Man it made me happy!
This week we had zone conference!!!!! It was AMAZING!! I got to see almost all of me former companions!!! Sister Tobler, Sister Lidtka and Sister Petherbridge! Oh man it was so cool! It was such a good zone conference too! We talked about the importance of the restoration and last night Sister King and I watched the Joseph Smith movie and it CHANGED MY LIFE!!  The things that man did for the Gospel. He knew this was true and he died because of it. It got me all fired up. It was a nice reminder of why I’m here. He dedicated his LIFE for this and I get the chance to share that beautiful message with the people of Poland! And it’s so amazing because no matter how many people don’t accept it.. It’s still true!! I love the GOSPEL!

So that was a highlight this week! The rest of the week was pretty much just awesome. Sister King and I are really getting the hang of this place and I like it a lot. We had the coolest experience EVER!!!

So we went tracting (good old fashion door knocking).. you know tracting it’s the worst. Most of the time nothing ever comes from it so usually missionaries hate it but we have to do something! So Sister King and I went even though I would rather throw myself in front of a tramway. So we go into this creepy apartment building that doesn’t even have a door. We go all the way to the top and work our way down. So we go to the first one and the lady is like NO and slams the door and I was like here we go! Then we were going down the stairs to the next door and I trip down the stairs!! I was feeling pretty good about life after that one and then we knocked on the next door. This Gypsy man answers the door!!! Yay!! People like Helena Urban and Adrian from Katowice aka my people. We told him we were doing a family survey and he was like oh ok! You guys are Mormons right? and we were like ya! He calls over his wife and were talking trying to explain who we are and why we are doing a survey. Then she says come on in! and i was like SAY WHAAAAAT?!?!?! I’ve never been let in tracking my entire mission!!!! So I’m in shock freaking out and she takes us to her kitchen and we do the family survey. We were talking about how important families are. They were the nicest couple I have ever met in my life! They took us to the living room and showed us all these pictures of their family As we were getting to leave, they gave us safety tips and they were being so NICE!! and then he asks, did you have supper and I’m like ya we got food at home! and he’s like no! Come on in for some supper!! AND IM FREAKING OUT IM SO DANG HAPPY!!!! ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!! and I’m not going to refuse! I have never met nicer people literally my entire mission!!! So we went back into the kitchen and she gives us gałąpki!!!!!! my favorite polish food! aka cabbage rolls! (I know I didn’t like them at home but man was I missing out!! they're my favorite!!) I am seriously in bliss! We talked about the church, families and marriage and I was SO HAPPY!!! They said we could come back whenever we wanted and even gave us their daughter in laws information! She lived in Seattle for a time and now she is here in Poland! ISNT THAT THE CRAZIEST THING OF YOUR LIFE!!!  People are prepared!! Even Poles!! I literally ran out of the apartment building screaming I was so happy!! It was amazing!

That was by far my miracle of the week!! :)

The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints is true! I feel your love and support as I serve my mission.


Siostra Pearson

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