Monday, 24 March 2014

An interesting thing happened while on the train..

Well this week was really good! I got to go to Szczecin to see Sister Lidtka! As a Sister training leader I am in charge of all the sisters in my zone, like a Zone Leader for the Sisters, and so I go on exchanges with them. We do this thing called zone training where all the Zone leaders and the Sister training leaders for all the zones come into Warsaw and get special training from the Mission President and the Assistant’s to the Mission President. We then deliver the message and what we learned back to our zone! I haven’t done that yet but I’m going to Warsaw this week so I’m excited! My favorite thing is just being able to help the sisters. It’s just like permission to be everyone’s friend in the zone! I can call them and just be there for them, I love it!

So I went to Szczecin this week and it was so much fun!! Sister Lidtka and I had such a good time! Elder Boyce is serving there too so we had a bit of a reunion and it was just wonderful! It’s a 5-hour train ride on two different trains to get there. I had quite the experience on the way back! First of all the train was practically empty! So I was really excited! I got a whole cabin to myself. I slept and wrote letters and listened to music, it was a great 2 and a half hours! Then we were about 20 minutes away from the next city where I have to change trains, when the train just stopped... and I was like that’s weird but I’m sure we'll start moving soon.. We’re just out in the middle of nowhere.. and then the intercom came on and they said we would have to wait for another 40 minutes! So I had to make some calls because I would miss my train taking me back to Bydgoszcz. But there was more and trains so I’m not worried.. I’m just waiting and doing my own thing. 50 minutes goes by and we still haven’t moved. The intercom comes on again and they said it would be another 90 MINUTES! I was hoping I heard wrong so I go out of my cabin and ask a guy if they said 90 and he was like ya.. and I was like so.. Not 19? He said nope 90.. And I was like so.. An hour and a half!? And he was like yup! Then I freaked out! It turns out there was these huge trees that fell onto the power lines above the train tracks so we couldn’t go anywhere.. It wasn’t that big of a deal. I was going to back into my cabin to nap again... but the guy I was talking to like steps in behind me and I was like...whoaaaa there what the heck and he’s says we can sit? I was like..... what am I suppose to say? So we start talking about me being a missionary and I’m VERY CLEAR. He’s 22 and still trying to put the moves on.. Then this girl comes in and she’s our age too and I’m like DANG IT I was looking forward to having some alone time! It’s not possible ever and now here I am with these two. I tried to kind of teach them because I might as well but they were not into it.. Instead they just talked about how much they love to drink alcohol.. stupid.. So then they both make them selves at home in my cabin I had all to myself. I was with them for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!!!! It was ridiculous! Like in a movie when weird things like this happen.. Anyways finally they cut down the trees and we were on our way.. It was pretty funny afterwards. What are the chances! I finally made it to Bydgoszcz at 8pm that night... I was on the train literally all day!! But it was good.

Something else cool did happen this week!! When I was in Szczecin, Sister King and Sister Barth went to contact the referral the gypsy couple gave us! The one who their daughter in law speaks English. I talked to them on the phone. Sister King and Sister Barth went over there and TAUGHT THEM!!! They are so prepared and are going through a real rough time. They said it was perfect that the Sisters came over! So now we are going to start teaching them!!!! I am so excited! The Lord truly knows his children! It’s always amazing how everything works out :) I haven’t been able to teach them yet but we just saw her like 10 minutes ago! She came to the place where we email and we talked to her! She’s so nice! I’m excited so pray for them and ill keep you posted!!

Overall it was a great week :) still love my mission and time is flying! It’s nuts! I’m trying to just love every moment and it's going pretty good so far! The church is true!

Love Siostra Pearson

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