Monday, 17 March 2014

It's Not about ME!

So this week was NUTS!! As a Sister Training Leader I have to go on exchanges with all the sisters in my zone. Last week I went on an exchange with SISTER PETHERBRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the most amazing thing of ever. I miss her so much! We just went right back into being companions! We are still so unified and we were so happy to be together!! We actually almost lost our voices because we did not stop talking since the minute she got in! My throat hurt so badly!!
This week I had my first mid mission crisis! I’m actually happy I haven’t had one until now! We just had a freak out about our mission and whether everything we do everyday is actually do anything! This work is hard and people seemed extra mean this week! It made me think a lot about what I could be doing at home and why I was even here. This mission is hard and we can get pretty beat down because of it. But then! My friend told me.. That I was being selfish... this was new to me because I haven’t been called that very much. But then I thought about what he was saying and we talked more about it and I realized that he was right. I was thinking about MY feelings and ME because I was getting hurt from rejection and thinking about my life that I could have after my mission. I was contemplating whether I was doing any good here and it was all about me. When usually I am so happy all the time! I love these people, I love being a missionary and I throw myself into this work! It was a huge break through moment for me and so I realized how I needed to fix it. I needed to work and I needed to be in my mission and love it again! Gain my awesome attitude and happiness back! Once I did that it was like night and day! I loved it again! It’s been so great again ever since! You know what the craziest thing is? The work hasn’t changed! People are still mean and don’t listen! But I focus on what I can control. I focus on what the Lord is doing here and it made a huge difference!! I’m so glad Sister Petherbridge and I could work through it all together! It was so inspired and I’m so glad I have her!! This week I am going on an exchange with SISTER LIDTKA!!!!! My MTC companion! I am so excited and I’ll tell you all about it next week!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and its life changing! I see it everyday in my life and in the lives of others!!

I have to go catch a train! But I love you so much thank you for all that you do! I feel your prayers and love and it boosts me up everyday!! I miss you so much!!

Siostra Pearson
Sister Petherbridge and Sister Pearson

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