Saturday, 17 May 2014

May 12th We are God's children and He loves us

Pretty much missionary work in Poland is the best thing ever. Over the past 2 weeks there has been a shift in how we do missionary work. There is this cool drive to expect miracles and to do what we came here to do, bring people unto Christ. The prepared are being found! It’s been amazing to see the faith and unity in our mission just spike and to have missionary work go right with it. I love it so much! We have been working a ton with Danka! She is the best thing ever!!! She has such a desire to find the truth and is really seeking it. She’s pretty much the perfect investigator. Since she lives so far away we teach her through the phone, or rather she teaches us, and we get to talk to her everyday! 

Then on Tuesday SHE CAME TO KRAKÓW!! So we met her and talked with her for the first time. It’s so weird saying that because I feel like I’ve known her forever! I already love her so much! Last night we taught her the plan of salvation.. ITS SUCH AN AMAZING PLAN! We talked about our pre earth life and about the fall and Adam and Eve and it took the whole time! We were all just talking about it so much. It was beautiful! It was like I was teaching it for the first time. It’s really hard to explain but I feel like a part of me has just changed so much on my mission and I have this crazy love for the gospel! Everything about it, and what stood out to me was we lived with God before this life. He already prepared us for the things we are going through right now, and knowing that I came up with these conclusions: 

1. I chose to follow Him already because I am here right now
2. I can get through anything because I have been prepared for it already.
It all comes down to God knowing us and loving us individually. He loves us so much!!! And I never get tired of hearing it!!
That was pretty much our week. It was beautiful! I’m getting a tan cause the weather is so good!! Alright.. it’s like a red tan.. but it works. :) 

Siostra Pearson

Rafal & Me

Siostra Pearson with Daniel

Siostra Pearson & Siostra Swenson

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