Monday, 26 May 2014


I had a really good week this week! We've been spending a ton of time outside in the summer sunshine!! I’m getting a lot of sun and its been so nice!!

So we always do our whiteboards in this one park and every time we are there, there is this man who is always on a walk with his 13-month-old girl Amilia. We tried to talk to him about the gospel a few weeks ago but he wasn't interested BUT every time we are there he comes by with her and we just play with her and talk to her and it’s so fun! I feel like she feels the goodness of the gospel and so does he! And that’s why he keeps coming back! Regardless it makes my day every time they come and even though we already tried talking to him I feel using my slight obsession with babies is winning their hearts! I knew it would come in handy on my mission one day! So this week we took a couple pictures with her!

We also took our English classes to the zoo! Because why not! We spoke in English and saw the animals and had a great time! Only 3 people showed up but we all loved it!

So this week I also got a call from Sister Stratton!! My baby Stratton. And she actually has to go home for medical reasons, I was so sad!!! I just love her so much it was really sad to see her leave. But I know that it is all in the plan. I love that girl so much and it broke my heart to have her leave her mission. But when I talk to her, my motherly instincts kick in, and I immediately started telling her that everything was going to be OK. That this was the plan that God has for her and the more I told her that the more I felt that was the truth. I think that its important to remember that everything we go through is part of God's plan for us. We always associate the good things like deciding to go on a mission, getting a new job, having a contact that was amazing, as things that were from God, things that were suppose to happen. But often it’s hard for us to remember that the hard things we go through in life are just as important and just as part of the plan for us. I know that Sister Stratton going home is part of God's plan for her and although its sad to me to know she had to leave I know it’s what needed to happen for her. I think its all just a matter of faith in what God wants and needs us to do.

Luckily enough I got to see her again!!! Because I went to BARBARA'S BAPTISM!!! It was the most amazing thing ever! She was so happy and I feel so lucky and so filled with joy that I was able to go and see her be baptized it made my mission to be able to be there!! I just love seeing how the gospel changes people everyday! That’s what it does. When we learn the principles of the gospel and we learn more about Christ we naturally want to become more like Him! And it’s the everyday step-by-step change that will help us become who God wants us to become. I’m so grateful I get to be here and help people in the beginnings of that process!! It’s the best!! So that was my mission this week. It was a really great week. Lots of learning and growing and fun! Which is how the Mission should be :)

Barbara's Baptism!

Sister Swenson and me with Amilia

All of us at the Zoo

Institute Class

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