Monday, 2 June 2014

The Family and getting ready for Danka's Baptism

So another week!! It went so fast I don’t even know what happened! So pretty much it goes like this. DANKA!!!! Yes Danka. She is getting baptized this Saturday!! I am so excited for her it’s amazing! We teach her through the phone everyday but since it’s Danka and she's been taught everything and knows everything we usually just read the Book of Mormon together which is my favorite thing to do! And then this weekend SHE MOVED HERE!! It was so fun! We picked her up from the bus and took her to her new apartment. We got her all settled in and it was just the cutest! Later that day we went to the temple preparation class, which is so amazing!! Generally it’s for members who are preparing to go to the temple but Danka is already preparing to go to the temple that’s the most amazing part! She is so prepared and ready for her baptism this weekend that we aren’t even talking to her that much about it. We are already talking about the rest of her life. A mission, the temple, having an eternal marriage, and how to really endure to the end! It’s just so cool because I’ve never taught anyone like her before. She just understands the gospel and soaks it all up like a sponge! Last night we went to her house and made dinner with her. We read from the Book of Mormon together and it was beautiful!

I just love her so much! So right now that’s pretty much our lives. It’s all about Danka and helping her get ready for her baptism and the rest of her life as a faithful member of the church! It’s super exciting! 

I had some exciting revelation this week! I've been reading from the conference edition of the Ensign you sent. I’m kind of reading whichever one I feel like I need to read. This week I read: Protection from Pornography - a Christ -Focused Home By Linda S. Reeves and it was so good.

It made me think a ton about the world we live in and why we were sent to the earth at this particular time.  It’s been something I’ve really been studying a lot lately especially about the Plan that God has for me. The more I study the plan the more I understand my mission, my life and what will come from the things that I do. Today I was readying my patriarchal blessing and I just felt so impressed that I was suppose to be here. I use to wish all the time that I could’ve lived in the times of Pride and Prejudice or Little House on the Prairie or the 80's. 

As I’ve studied and learned more I know and feel so strongly that God saved me specifically for this time. I am prepared to be here and to live in this world. I have been prepared to go through things I need to go through and be here to help those around me who are on the same path. It’s not just that I was sent here to help the people of Poland even though I am so happy to do so, but we are sent here to help people around us everyday! It gives me more strength to know that my Heavenly Father taught me, prepared me and saved me for this time right here right now.

After I read this talk I was so fired up about families. I started thinking about my own future family and received all kinds of personal revelation on the things that I want to do with them to ensure my family is strong and firm in their testimonies and own conversion; So we can be together for eternity. It was so fun I made this whole huge list of revelation for my future family and it might sound weird to some because I am a missionary and that is not my focus right now, but I know why I am here. The greatest work, I will ever do, will be my role in a family, to be a wife and mother. What better time than now to prepare for that. It was beautiful!!

I know this is true and I’m so happy I get to be here and share all of this with Poland! And with you!

Siostra Pearson
Cool Sister Missionaries...just bought sunglasses

Sister Ott, Me and Sister Swenson

Dinner at Danka's house

Yummy Dinner we made

Making Golabki with Pawel and the Elder's

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