Monday, 30 June 2014

Hope & Finding someone prepared to hear the message of the gospel

So this week’s email is going to be a really short one because today Sister Petherbridge and I decided to be spontaneous and have an adventure! These things are still needed in missionary work and we don’t have very many opportunities to be spontaneous with our days planned to the minute! So today we decided to drop everything and go to ZAKOPANE! It’s this really beautiful place czyli it’s the mountains.. The polish version and every pole asks if we have been there and we never have so we decided to go!
It literally took the whole p day so no emails :) except for a couple minutes!
We had a really great week this week. I feel like I say that every week but its TRUE! So I’m going to share one story and then a little about what I’m studying and then sadly I have to go!
Sister Petherbridge and I have been praying to find someone who is prepared to teach. Because there are so many people out there and unless they are prepared they won’t be ready! So we've ben praying and hitting the streets. Friday we were contacting in a park and we walked up to this young girl and asked her how she thought she could grow closer to God. From there we started talking and listening to her points of view. We taught her about repentance and baptism and then about the Restoration of the gospel. She was just listening so intently! We taught her about Christ and the great apostasy and she was like whoa you believe that? So do I! She said she’s never found a church, which teaches about the apostasy and the Restoration. We were like BOOM the fullness of the gospel has been restored!! She asked so many questions and teaching her was so powerful! The three of us had the most beautiful conversation and the spirit was so strong. SHE WAS SO PREPARED! The crazy thing is she told us she really wanted to come to church and meet with us but she was literally on her way to the bus to go home for the summer since she was in Kraków for university so she won’t be back until October. BUT we found her as she was literally on a bus to leave Kraków! Crazy! She wanted as much information as we had so we gave her a Book of Mormon to start reading and some pamphlets and all sorts of things. When she comes back I know she will be baptized. It was amazing to be a part of something like that. A conversation you know just changed someone’s life. It was amazing! 

I was going to share with you what I am studying but I took a while to tell you that story.. So really fast.. You sent me some talks to prepare me for President Uchtdorf’s visit and I read the one on hope.. AND IT BLEW MY MIND!!!! In it I found a theme for me last transfer.. Hope. Which isn't even the craziest part. The whole time I read it my mind was just being blown of how beautiful hope is and how much I want and need it. Right near the end he starts talking about faith hope and charity and how hope helps you with the other 2 and how all 3 go together. I realized that last transfer my whole focus was on charity. I am not even close to being finished learning about it but it was l like my theme. The transfer before that, my Bydgoszcz transfer my theme ended up being faith, faith in Christ, and I am also not even close to being done learning about that. BUT THEN I read this talk and realized I’ve been learning about faith then charity, and NOW ITS TIME FOR HOPE!!  I only have one transfer left! This might not be as exciting to you as it is to me, but it was personal revelation for me and a gift from my Heavenly Father. So I’ve been studying hope everyday. Not for my whole personal study but a little everyday so if you would like to send some talks :D or even links to talks zapraszam because I am going to be learning all about it and hopefully become more hopeful :)

Siostra Pearson

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