Monday, 9 June 2014

Danka's Baptism! And the Picnic

I had a really awesome week! It started off with culture night and we took the Elders to our fort we discovered and had a picnic!.. In the rain and had adventures in pants rather than skirts this time it was awesome!
This week was a lot of prepping for the branch picnic and Danka's baptism. Speaking of Danka she found 3 jobs this week!!!! FASTING WORKS!

Friday we got everything ready and had the best branch picnic ever to exist! We’ve been planning it for a while now but I don’t know if I told you about it at all. We were brainstorming what to do and I remembered when I was in young women’s and our leaders organized a re-enactment of the Tree of Life vision from the Book of Mormon for us, so I told them about it and President Kucia loved it! So WE DID IT! It was so amazing! I sent you pictures. We set it all up in this little part of the forest, and then as the blindfolded people would walk by we had missionaries be encouragers and some being tempters. Our guest were able to experience a little bit of what it would have been like to be a part of Lehi’s vision in the Tree of Life. They all made there way to the tree of life! It was the best thing of ever!

Saturday DANKA WAS BAPTIZED!!!! It was so beautiful! It’s hard to tell you all about it over the dang computer because there are so many emotions behind all of it! The talks were wonderful and all the missionaries sang, “When I am Baptized” aka the rainbow song it was really cool. The musically talented Elders arranged it and made it amazing. Danka's testimony was just the icing on the cake. It was beautiful! Yesterday she was confirmed and it was a moment of joy I will never forget! Everyone in the branch has been great at supporting her and welcoming her and she is so happy. Truly a BEAUTIFUL day!

This week is going to be a really busy one with transfers and seeing President Uchtdorf!! I cannot wait! I don’t know if there is any way to prepare my self for it. We're just so focused on our little Krak√≥w that it's hard to think about other things! I am dying with excitement though. It is going to be an amazing experience. There’s just so much happiness and excitement! It's a busy busy time with everything with Danka and President Uchtdorf and it’s blazing hot outside! And I'm about to go into my last transfer of my mission. It’s like I’m treading water but in a fun way... I love it!


Siostra Pearson
The Tree of Life re-enactment - Holding to the Iron Rod

Our branch underneath the "Tree of Life"

Me, Danka & Siostra Swenson

Getting ready for the baptism

All Ready!

At the church for the baptism

At home just taking time to smell the flowers!

Excited for culture night!

Picnic for Culture Day
Yes, the ground was wet!

Elder Allen and I singing and walking!

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