Tuesday, 17 June 2014

President Uchtdorf's visit to Poland! Reunited Again & My Final Transfer!

There is much that has happened!!! Ok, so first of all I AM COMPANIONS WITH SISTER PETHERBRIDGE AGAIN!!!! It is the biggest blessing of my mission. I seriously am so happy my face hurts! It’s my last transfer and my last companion is Sister Petherbridge! This is the most beautiful thing of all time. We are serving in Kraków. It’s a weird feeling to know how the rest of my mission is going to be here with Sister Petherbridge and I couldn’t be happier. I am going to miss Sister Swenson a lot though.

This weekend was amazing. Oh my goodness I don’t even know where to begin! We came into Warsaw for President Uchtdorf’s visit.

When we first arrived we went to the chapel. I have missed that place so much!! Sister Petherbridge’s investigator was getting baptized!!
All the missionaries came in to Warsaw and we were reunited!! Lots of happiness I thought I was going to explode! The whole weekend was seeing all of my best friends I have made on my mission. It was one big joyful reunion. Just like when Alma, Ammon and the sons of Mosiah see each other again and Ammon passes out from happiness!!! It was just like that! We decided that this experience is what the celestial kingdom will be like. It felt surreal and amazing!!!! I can’t describe it I’ll have to tell you when I come home.

But then PRESIDENT UCHTDORF CAME!!!!! And guess what mom! President Uchtdorf SPECIFICALLY thanked our parents for preparing us for our missions. So President Uchtdorf said thank you to you. I wrote it down so I could tell you!! It was the most amazing thing of my life. We all got to go up and meet him and his wife and shake hands. Then he spoke to us and it was AMAZING!!! I received so much personal revelation. After the conference it was so cool, because I talked to everyone and it was like everyone got something so different out of his talk. For me it was like he was just talking to me and teaching me how to end my mission. It’s not something I’ve been concerned about, but something I really want to do right, and he taught me how! It was really beautiful. I’m going to write you a letter though with more specifics. He really motivated us to make the most of our missions and that this is the Lord's work. He really wanted us to enjoy every part of it. The way he spoke to us was 100 percent by the spirit. He didn’t look at notes once it was smooth and inspired. We were all so inspired by the spirit to just go out there and do everything! I just love him so much!

That night I got to sleep in the mission home!! My roommates for the night were Sister Petherbridge, Sister Lidtka and Mikalauska, all former companions. It was an overwhelming day (in a good way) and we were really tired.
The next day when we went to the Mariott and saw ALL THE MEMBERS IN POLAND!!! I saw so many of them! All my loves from Katowice and Warsaw and Bydgoszcz and Kraków! Everyone in one place!!! It was beautiful! So much love and joy. The talks that were given to the Polish people were so perfect! It was EXACTLY what they all need including us! My favorite part was when President Uchtdorf told them all to be happy and to smile! He said people here in Poland should recognize all of us as different. They should ask us why we are so happy and then we should TELL THEM it is because we have the gospel! It was so beautiful and encouraging for all of them to hear the things that were specific just for Poland. I loved it so much!!

After all that we came down to Kraków again to start off the transfer! I am so excited I cannot contain it. I feel so blessed and happy! Life is so good!!! I don’t know I’ve done to deserve all of this. My mission is already the biggest blessing in my life and now it just feels like it’s getting better than I ever knew it could!


Siostra Pearson

Back together! Siostra Petherbridge and me.

Reunited in Warsaw with my group from the MTC

Siostra Swenson and I with some Young Single Adults in Warsaw

A place we share the gospel in Warsaw

Elder Lanham & me

Me with Siostra Tobler

Another place we contact people

President Uchtdorf (his wife is in yellow)
Me, right beside President Uchtdorf!

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  1. What an amazing experience! I can't believe you are on your last transfer. Time goes by so quickly. Enjoy the time you have left and make the most of it. You will forever look back on this time with so much love and gratitude, for the people you served, the lessons you learned, friends you made and the relationship you developed with your Heavenly Father and Savior. Thanks for being a great example to so many.