Sunday, 29 June 2014

June 23, 2014 Blessed to be in Poland!

 So this week was beautiful. I don’t know if any other word could describe it. Being back with Sister Petherbridge has made every dream of mine come true! Seriously I am so happy all the time!!! We've already had a lot of really good adventures and it makes me just love life even more! We've been meeting with Danka a lot and she is doing so good! She’s been thinking about serving a mission!! She has some time to prepare. She is the best! She loves helping us out in missionary work and I love her so much!

We had a crazy thing happen to us this week. On Thursday it was a holiday so it was really dead outside but anyways we went to bed that night, and then in the middle of the night something woke me up. Once I came to my senses, you know I sleep like a brick ESPECIALLY on the mission cause I’m so exhausted all the time, so I came to and Sister Petherbridge was like, "do you hear that?" and there was this reeeaally loud music playing. You know like party music and it was right under our bedroom! The weirdest thing is that we live on the first floor so there’s no one that lives under us. Well Sister Petherbridge had been up for like an hour and a half already and she was freakin out! She had the front door open ready to go bust down there and yell at them to turn there music down. It was this crazy party and so she's like, "put your pants on and lets go!" I angry because it was 3 in the morning and us missionaries need our sleep. We went outside so we could look into the basement window and the party was literally in the basement in the room directly under our bedroom but I knew we couldn’t go down there. We were so confused it was so late! hahaha so we called the police. First time on my whole mission! But then they came and asked us some questions and shut down the party. It took like another hour and a half so we were pretty tired the next day! It was so crazy! We had a lot of things like that happen to us this week.

I think that’s what happens to Sister Petherbridge and I when we are together. It doesn’t matter to me though because I am just so happy all the time since we are together!! After the first day we were just so unified again. Teaching the gospel with each other just feels so right! I just know exactly where she is going and we can teach with the spirit and it makes everything beautiful.

I had to say goodbye to the Onken’s this week because they are going back to America. It was so sad! It’s been a really good week. Mostly teaching people well trying to find new people to teach! We're back to finding now, but I think one of my favorite things is still helping Danka. She is doing so well and neither Sister Petherbridge nor I have ever taught a recent convert and it’s really fun!

We made transfer goals and I’ve been having crazy moments of realization that this is my last transfer! I’m going to miss it so much! I feel like if I don’t remember then these next 2 months are just going to fly too fast so I take a minute every now an then to just soak up everything. Being in Poland, being with Sister Petherbridge, being a missionary!! I feel so blessed and happy!

me with Elder Allen

Saying bye to the Onken's 

Onken Family

Danka & Me




Sister Petherbridge & Me

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