Monday, 20 May 2013

May 20th, 2013 - Teaching Sunday School, Starting English Classes and My Fair Lady

This was a good week :) First of all it was just better! P-day was ok but raining so we just went to the mall and had NO LUCK in finding any shoes :( HOWEVER!  My shin splints are getting much better!! I barely had them at all this week!!!! So thank you for your prayers and everything you've done! My district has been very concerned and helpful so that’s nice :) I’m in good hands!!

So first things first! On Tuesday our Elders went on exchanges and ELDER BLOM CAME HERE!! It was so nice to see him again! The bonds we made in the MTC will never be replaced! It’s a special time we had there. It was so fun to see and to talk to him again. We all went out for lunch and talked about all our memories. It just totally made my whole day to see him again!!

We had kind of a slower week this week doing most of the same things I just had a great attitude about it! We walked to some schools and gave them flyers (invites) for our English classes that we are suppose to be teaching but currently have no kids!!!! :( It’s so sad. We are really trying to get that up and going. Hopefully people from the school will call! We go to the Elders adult English classes to help them and that’s always fun. None of them are members. It’s a great way to serve and give them an opportunity to know about the church.

On Thursday we were suppose to have a lesson with a woman we met on the street but she didn’t show up :( sadly this has been the case with all of the lessons we have set up on the street! It’s frustrating! But I know that we are here to find people that are willing to hear the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and we will find them eventually! Friday we had a lesson with Ola she is one of our investigators. Half her lessons are English lessons and half are learning the gospel. We taught her all about the book of Mormon and a bit about Joseph Smith. She is so happy and bubbly. She reminds me so much of Elder Wilde's mom except a polish version! She would crack you up!! She’s great! We taught her all the parts of the body in English! It’s what she wanted to learn and it was fun!

Saturday we had our culture night!!! We went to see My Fair Lady! It was awesome!! It was all in Polish so I didn’t understand most of it but it was a great opportunity to get to know my district more and have a wonderful time! A bit of a change in our weekly schedule!!

Over all I just had a great week! It was really fun. The Lord is helping me so much! Its crazy how fast your week can change!! I was struggling a little bit but He is helping me love it! Even though these people can be reeeeaaallly hard, I know that this is where I am suppose to be. I know the Lord sent me here because I can handle it! We talk to EVERYONE on the streets and sometimes were lucky if someone takes a pass a long card. We are the happiest people in the world if someone actually stops and listens to us! Sister Packard and I say that as long as we are doing absolutely everything we can then we have nothing to feel bad about! People still have agency. I am able to find joy in the things we are doing here and I just love it so much!

Tonight we are going on exchanges!!!! My very first one!! I’m kind of nervous but it will be fun to switch it up with another sister and see how she does things so I will let you know how that goes! Yesterday, at church, we taught Sunday school!! In front of everyone! We talked all about member missionary work and how much we need them ESPECIALLY here in Poland. I even spoke in front of everyone! Believe it or not I was one of the least nervous! My district can be crazy and think their polish isn’t good even though they have all been here for 8 months and I’ve been here for 3 weeks!! But I love them all a lot. I’m so glad to have them here! Yesterday the Elders gave me a blessing for my shin splints and I haven’t felt them since! It was so amazing because Elder Dopp didn’t even mention the shin splints! Maybe he forgot... but he said things that meant so much to me and its so cool because we were talking about it after and it is so amazing to have a blessing and have the Lord tell me EXACTLY what He wants me to hear! The priesthood is amazing and I’m so blessed to have these worthy Elders here!! It was very comforting and helped me in so many ways so thank you for telling me to get one!! Well, that’s about it for this week! I love you all so much and I miss you all soooo much!

I also read Mosiah chapter 4 versus 9 to 19 and my mind was BLOWN!!! it was all written just for me!!! Read it and ill tell you all about it next week!!

Love you!
Siostra Pearson

Sharing the Gospel in Poland

The Chapel in Katowice, Poland

My district

Me outside on the balcony of our apartment
Washing clothes the old fashion way, in the tub. Our washer broke.

Downtown Katowice
My First Tram Ticket

DownTown Katowice

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