Monday, 6 May 2013

Hailey in Poland - God has a plan for us

Well Cześć (Hi)! its really Dzien Dobry (Good Day) here and less Cześć! but I miss saying it!!

As you know from the last blog I got here safely and it was awesome!! Except for the part where they lost my carry on and I almost died!! They put my carry on under the plane in Salt Lake and it was totally gone! It had all my scriptures and journals and language books in it so I was super bummed but.. THEY FOUND IT! My zone leader brought it down for me so now I’m happy :)

Jet lag kicked my BUTT! I was so exhausted coming here and adjusting but we stayed at the mission home for the first 2 days. We went to the Rynek (market) and ate at a Perogy restaurant and then went contacting!! I was soooo nervous!!! but it was so much fun! Especially being around my little MTC family all brand new! We met all our trainers!! My trainer is Sister Packard! She’s super cool and we are in a city called Katowice! I think its the ghetto of Poland but I know I am going to love it here!! Two of my MTC teachers served here so I already knew a lot about it before I came which is super fun! Although it’s really dirty. If you serve here for too long your eyes turn yellow from the air but then the go back white so don’t worry!! I’ll be protected :)

We all went to different cities all over the country!  Look up Katowice and tell me what is fun around here cause I have no idea. I hopped on a train and we came here!! Then we had to push my suitcases clear across the city (I took the 70lbs one) and almost died and its been great ever since!

We contact everyday all day. We just walk around Poland and we use bold statements of truth like, Hi I know God has a plan for us.  BOOM…  no wasting time. They look taken off guard. Most people just say no thank you and keep walking or cuss at us in polish but there are a few people that will listen to us and have a conversation! Especially if I say I’m new here! I gave away my first Book of Mormon to a man!! Too bad he lives in a different town, But it was so fun to see that some people  want to know to learn more. I know as long as I do my best every minute of every day that the Lord will lead me to the people who are prepared and willing to hear and except the gospel!

The language is so hard but it is coming along. I know it will take time but I’m already seeing improvement so I’m grateful for that!!  I went to church yesterday and bore my testimony (in polish). The branch is very nice! My teacher Brat (Brother) Liemer, from the MTC, taught and baptized one of the members in the branch. So they were super excited to talk about that and meet me so I already have an in here!! Wooo!!!! I wish there were more members to help out but that’s ok just more work and blessings for us!! I love my branch already though! We go tracting (door to door) as well and that is super fun! Not many people listen. Actually we haven’t had one person yet but it’s a good way for me to practice my polish! My area is a walking area so whenever we need to go anywhere we walk.

This is a lot harder then I thought it would be and I miss the MTC a lot but the more I pray for help the more I get and I prayed that I would love it here and have fun and I am finding that same fun and happiness I had in the MTC. I just have to look a little harder some times! We have one investigator Sylvia and I need you all to pray for her because she is so close to baptism but just needs to take that leap of faith! We have a lesson with her on Wednesday so pray for us, and her and ill tell you all about it next P day (Monday) I love you and I miss you so much!!!!!

The church is true and I’ve never been more sure in my life!

Kocham Cię!

Pokoij i Błogosławaństwo
Peace and Blessings

Love Sister Hailey Pearson

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