Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hailey Arrived in Poland!!

Family & Friends, this update is from the Mission Presidents Blog in Poland. It shows hailey arriving safe and sound! if you would like to follow the nielson's who are currently serving as mission president in poland please see this blog, it will be a great way to see what hailey is experiencing. nielsonsinpoland.blogspot.com


We have new Arriving Missionaries!!!! April 30, 2013.

Getting ready to receive a large group of arriving missionaries takes lots of coordination and work. We enlisted the Assistants to help us. 
As they were busy removing the transporter seats and sweeping out the garage so we could store all the luggage there, they never forget WHY they are in Poland. They talked to everyone that walked by about the restored gospel...and our street has a lot of walkers!
With the transporter ready....we were off to the airport. 
FIrst job.....find a place to park this big machine! How many Elders does it take to park a transporter? Three. One to drive, one to find the spot and one to help guide the driver as he backs up several times trying to fit into the space! (The transporter is a beast to drive!)
There! The transporter is parked....safe and sound....right next to President's car!
Now it's off to meet the incoming missionaries. (LtoR): Assistants Tiner, Mikolyski and Zelezniak...our new addition!
As we stay with tradition....everyone got a Kinder Egg to enjoy and play with while we waited for the missionaries to arrive. Anticipating a very long wait today because of the number of missionaries that were arriving....we also got pastries!
You'll never believe who came walking through the arrival gates as we were waiting.....
Brother Stohel (aka: Elder Stohel....one of our former Assistants!) and his wife. They just happened to be on the same plane as our missionaries. Our new arrivals were able to have several hours of language tutoring in the air as Brother Stohel helped them with their Polish and tips for being a great missionary. He should know....he was one of the great ones! We will see more of this great couple next week!
Sister Barth is from Cedar City, Utah.
                                                     Sister Blake is from Park City, Utah.
                                                      Elder Wolfley is from Preston, Idaho.
Elder Allen is from Scotts Valley, California.
Sister Young is from Layton, Utah.
                                                 Elder Blom is from Manorville, New York.
                                            Elder Waskiewicz is from Queen Creek, Arizona.
                                                  Sister Lidtka is from Renton, Washington.
                                                Sister Pearson is from Calgary, Canada.
                        And...Sister Wendel is from Green River, Wyoming.
Meet the newest Missionaries in the Poland Warsaw Mission. They all looked great and are so excited to finally be 'in country'....ready to use what they have been learning in the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah for the past 9 weeks.
Making our way to the vehicles with all the luggage. With the help of the transporter, President's car and 2 taxis, we made it back to the Mission Home. Dropping off the luggage...
... we made our way to the Best Mall where pictures were taken to start our residence card applications and a quick lunch was eaten.
It was an absolutely beautiful day, and this group was eager to start doing missionary work.
A nice walk to the nearby Wilanow Palace not only gave these Elders and Sisters a chance to get some fresh air.....
....but it was a great place to start contacting. Sisters Blake and Barth along with Elder Tiner talk to a woman about God's plan for her.
Elder Tiner and Elder Wolfley testify that God speaks to prophets on the earth today.
Sisters Lidtka and Pearson along with Elders Mikolyski and Waskiewicz as they make their way back to the Mission Home. Now, President will be interviewing each of them to get to know them better.
Their first dinner in the Mission Home.....our traditional "Welcome to Poland" spaghetti served on Polish pottery. (LtoR): Sisters Pearson and Young; Elders Wolfley and Blom; Sister Wendel; Elders Waskiewicz and Allen; Sisters Barth, Lidtka and Blake.   But where are the Assistants?
With so many new missionaries, they opted to eat in the kitchen...good sports! (Elders Mikolyski, Tiner and Zelezniak)
We ended dinner with a 'surprise' birthday cake for Sister Lidtka as today is her birthday...which she gladly shared with the rest of the group! 
After dinner, President had a few words of instruction. Then after family prayer was said, it was off to bed. No one complained....and within minutes, everyone was out like a light! It was a great day.....and tomorrow will even be better. The Trainers are coming!

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