Thursday, 11 April 2013

April 8th - Still Amazing

So this week was so SUPERB!!!

On Tuesday we had Elder Ringwood come for devotional. He talked all about enduring to the end and how a mission is preparing us to know how to endure to the end for the rest of our lives. It was one of the best talks I have heard since being here at the MTC I will send more notes home but it was super amazing! Also on Tuesday we taught our investigator Lidia. We had the coolest experience! We weren’t sure where she was at or what we needed to teach her so we went in there with the intent to just ask her things like if she knew the Book of Mormon was true. We were unsure sure how she would respond but we asked her. She was like mmm ya! And we were like say WHAT! We asked her if she knew Joseph smith was a prophet of God and she said YES! And we asked if she knew the church was true, she talked and talked and talked and then said ya I think so! But she’s still a little unsure but she’s going to keep praying about it!! It was the coolest thing ever; we had no idea where she was at. It turns out she’s progressing much more than we thought she would! We taught her again on Thursday about the temple and invited her to watch conference and she said she would! She opened up about her husband and how he doesn’t support her learning about this gospel and going to church. I’m so glad she told us because I feel like there is real trust, it was amazing the spirit was so strong and we both just shared with her our thoughts about how Heavenly Father is happy for her progression and He loves her family and her husband and wants them all to be together for eternity! It’s all going so great!

Ok so extremely funny story! On Wednesday we had class with Brat Liemer right at the end of the night. We were all joking and laughing and having a grand time and then we started talking about something. He was our first investigator Arek; in one of the first lessons someone had with him they said miwosc taraz? Which they thought meant pray, now? Because it was the first lesson and none of us knew anything but to pray is molitva and they said miwosc which is to love... so they said," LOVE NOW?" We all laughed about it! We thought it was one of the sister missionaries but our teacher was like it wasn’t you too. But we knew it was sisters so we freaked out and found out IT WAS ME AND MY COMPANION! Hahahaha!!  He said we were both smiling huge and super excited and just said love, now? So I’m very glad my Polish is improving! But thought it was funny to share for everyone to get a swell laugh!

Everything else this week was just dandy! We taught more lessons and had lots of class per usual! On Friday Elder Blom and Elder Allen were teaching me as the investigator. My name is Eden. It’s so neat playing the role of an investigator. Anyways this person was actually a friend of mine so it’s extra special to portray her. So they were teaching me, it’s the second lesson and I was so proud of them the spirit was so strong. They were saying all these things that is EXACTLY what Eden needed to hear and they were so great! Near the end Elder Allen asks me right before we ended (I think it even took him by surprise) if when I knew the things they taught me were true if I would be baptized it was so amazing I sat there ready to say no because its the second lesson there’s so much I don’t know but I sat there and thought about it and I just felt so strongly that I needed to say yes so I did!!! We all were so happy it was so amazing because even though it’s role-play I was so happy and filled with the spirit that I was making the right choice to be baptized! It was the coolest experience ever!!!

As you know it was general conference on Saturday and Sunday!!! Woooo!!!!
General conference at the MTC was the bomb. It was just such a great feeling! The night before I wrote down all my questions and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM GOT ANSWERED! It was amazing!! I don’t think I have a favorite talk but I really loved Saturday. Saturday night all the sisters got to watch the Young Women's broadcast and if you haven’t seen it yet watch it"!!!!! And if Amber hasn’t seen it yet make her watch it!!! It was the best thing ever!

Sunday was one of the best days ever!! My companion and I were with the Bulgarian missionaries all day and I got so much insight! I love everything about General Conference! How lucky we are to hear from real prophets and apostles every six months! Its mind blowing!! After Conference we went for a temple walk, which is one of my absolute favorite things to do ever.  On Sunday night Vocal Point came to perform for devotional!!!!!!!! I ALMOST DIED! It’s a male acapella group from BYU and first of all you know how much I love acapella groups and 2, they were on that show the sing off that i loved a couple years ago it was so amazing!! Oh, did you watch the kill stuff in between the conference sessions, the world report? It was all about us!! It was oooo cool!!! 

And that is how my week went!!! Sooooo many blessings!!! I love everything about my mission
 I love you so much and I miss you everyday!!!
I should be getting my travel plans soon but ill keep you updated!!!
Love your missionary!
Siostra Pearson

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