Monday, 15 April 2013

Two more weeks and then....Poland!


No word yet on my travel plans to Poland... maybe I’m never leaving!! Just kidding we should be getting them this week!! I am so very excited and also nervous because I have been here for so long I’m like king of the world here!! Everything is sort of easy and natural now! And I LOVE MY DISTRICT AND ZONE!! I am seriously so blessed to have them! I don’t even know how I got so lucky!
WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK! Actually there wasn’t anything crazy that happened but every week here is amazing! On Tuesday we taught Lidia again and talked all about General Conference! She watched it and LOVED it!! And then... SHE SAID SHE WOULD GET BAPTIZED!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!! On May 1. April is really hard to say in Polish so we said May 1st even though we won’t be here. I was so excited for her I almost burst into tears of joy!! She’s still having some troubles with her husband but it was cool cause we taught her all about the word of wisdom and the tea thing was a little bit of a struggle but she agreed to start living it so she’s really progressing and I love teaching her!!

My companion is still sister Lidtka! She’s awesome and she’s from Seattle! We stay with the same companion for the whole time at the MTC. Its like exactly two weeks today that I leave but were actually praying we leaving on Tuesday and not Monday because then our last day would be a P day and we could pack and go to the temple and hang out with everyone before we all separate!! Then we'd be leaving most likely with the Bulgarians. I am so sad already to leave these amazing people!! Especially the Bulgarians. They are the best and this is the last two weeks we have with them!!! And the babies too but at least we can all write each other!!

But I cannot wait to go to Poland!!!!!!!!! I keep getting more and more excited! To teach real people and to be speaking the language and talking to people on the streets and stuff!! It’s going to be amazing!!! The language is really coming along! I am nowhere close to being perfect but the Lord is helping me sooooo much!!

On Thursday we had our TRC and this week instead of teaching two 20-minute lessons we had to teach one lesson for 40 minutes!! I was so nervous but we went in there and taught them all about faith and how the Lord has his own time and everything will work out the way it should be because He loves us and knows what’s best for us and the guy we were teaching totally opens up and says that he has faith but sometimes its hard to get more faith. And how his girlfriend just decided to serve a mission!!! And he was so upset about it but in a funny way so we all laughed. I said to him the Lord has a plan for him and he’ said then why would she leave and go on a mission and so I said maybe she’s not the girl for you and he looked so shocked and we were all laughed and had such a great time and it was like we turned into personal councilors instead of missionaries! But the fact that we could teach them for 40 minutes ALL IN POLISH! Completely deviating from our lesson plan to talk about his life is pretty cool if you ask me!! I am beginning to love the polish language so much! And I know that going to Poland is only going to make my polish 1000x better!! Its cool cause all the trc people say that our polish is way better than what their Polish was when they were in the MTC and now they are all fluent!! Which is so encouraging!!
The MTC changed their whole language program, clearly for the better!!

Yesterday we had our devotional and we had this man come from the missionary media something or other. He told us all about how the church is with the times and is on the internet and set up a few years ago and different things that they are doing to help people know who "Mormons" really are. At Christmas time they had these HUGE billboards right in Times Square advertising for the church and for Christmas. The effects that came from the campaign were so cool!!! Just this week the church did this huge thing in London where they bought advertising in a bunch of the tube stations and l250 double decor buses. Really neat because the Book of Mormon musical was going to London and you know how the church is in London and I guess their advertisements were, "the Mormons are coming" and so in a meeting with the missionary board that Elder Holland and Elder Nelson are on they were talking about it and Elder Holland in response to their advertisement said alright well lets go then! So this week they just launched all of it, it’s so cool!!!! I wish they could do it all over the world so people would see and know!!

You should Google it because he showed us all these pictures and it was so amazing!! It made me so excited to go to Poland!!! I wish they would do it their!! Anyways I guess even with just this week alone the amount of visits to has grown by the thousands. Also the Church bought advertisements to go inside the programs for the Book of Mormon musical and its stuff and its says things like; the book is always better. And you’ve seen the show now read the book. I feel privileged to be a part in the work!!!! Especially right when the Lord is hastening His work! There’s a special feeling about it!!!

I love you so much!!!!!! Thanks for everything!!!


Love Siostra Hailey Pearson!

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