Monday, 1 April 2013

April 1st - Another Amazing Week!

This week was AMAZING!!!!!! Like for real, one of the best weeks I have had here!!
Tuesday we had our devotional and it was really good! I forgot my notes back in the room but it was a super great talk like usual! Guess who I saw! My friend TRENT! Well Elder Rasmussen, it was so cool! It threw me back home hanging out in the young single adult ward in Calgary; it was so fun to see him!! We got some great awkward boy girl missionary pictures that I will send you!

Wednesday was super great!! First off my companion and me decided we were going to be super positive and just love everything about everything this week and I think that’s why it was the most amazing week ever! The weather was so beautiful plus we had service in the morning. I don’t know why but its one of the best parts of my week AND Wednesday is baby missionary day (when new missionaries arrive at the Missionary Training Centre)! We usually stand out in the sun shouting welcomes to the new baby missionaries in Polish they have no idea what we are saying and it is so much fun! This Wednesday was even more special because all the new people from our zone came! We now have 29 Elders AND 29 Sisters in our whole zone! Its completely split I love them all :)

I started my new assignment as an online trainer. It was pretty important and it was so fun because I got to know them all. They all thought my awkward comments were hilarious and whenever someone would tell me something about their life and I had a type of connection too I would get so excited and be so happy, they would all just laugh. It was grand. We are the old ones now and they are the babies it makes us all feel like proud parents. It keeps things interesting!!

And then we had night gym! I went on splits with a another Sister because the Elders invited us to play 4 square at gym and I’ve only played 4 square like once and we usually go to a small gym and do a real for real boring work out so we went and played 4 square with the elders and it was the MOST FUN thing I think I have done this far!!!!! It was the most amazing thing to do! Who knew gym time could be so fun! So now that’s what we've been doing every gym time! Elder Allen calls me the blue cobra because my work out shirt was blue and I’m getting pretty good!

Thursday was also awesome. My teaching skills are improving! We taught Lidia and its so amazing because we prepare for our lesson but then we go in there with no notes or anything just us and the scriptures. The fact that I can teach a lesson to her in POLISH about the PRIESTHOOD is pretty dang cool!!! Tomorrow were teaching her about repentance and I am very excited :) We also taught TRC which went well!! It’s getting easier to teach and have a conversation in Polish. I can just see all the blessings around me so much! I could not be learning this language without the Lord. I just love seeing how much I am being helped right now in everything that I do! :)
Friday my companion and me taught two of the Elders in my district as progressing investigators! For one of them we knew his back-story and taught him for 30 minutes and then we switched and we "street contacted" Elder Blom or should I say Pavel! We taught him for 30 minutes, it was so scary but so much fun!! Later that night my teacher Brat Trible taught me as the investigator and he taught me in polish in front of the whole class!!!! It was so cool to be put in an investigator’s shoes and to feel what they are feeling! Brat Trible did an amazing job and I was very proud of myself for how much I could say and understand since I couldn’t speak English! It was quite the excelling moment for myself! 

Saturday Elder Allen and Elder Blom taught Sister Lidka and me as investigators for 30 minutes. It is so fun teaching another missionary!!! There is less pressure and I just loved it!! At the end of the lesson we taught Elder Blom after the closing prayer we said chrzest?! taraz!? Which means baptism?! now!? and then shouted CHRZEST!!!! WAHOOOO!! We were able to learn so much and have so much fun at the same time!!! It was great!

Yesterday was EASTER!!! It was sad not waking up to an Easter egg hunt like we usually do but it was still great!! Me, my companion and some of the Bulgarian Elders got to be ushers for the special sacrament meeting!! It was so cool I felt so important. We all had the sacrament!!!! All at once!! There were over 3000 MISSIONARIES who had the sacrament all at once!!! Isn’t that amazing!!!! We had Bishop Causse speak to us, he is the first counselor in the Presiding Bishopric for the Church, and he did a really amazing job!

And THEN!!! We had our night devotional, SHERI DEW SPOKE!! She did such a good job she is so inspirational! I admire her so much!! Over all it was a super fantastic week!! I am so happy to be on my mission I have already grown so much and I feel so much closer to my Savior! I know that there is nowhere better I could be and nothing better I could be doing! I miss you all greatly but I know that the Lord is taking care of you for me :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Dooonn’t Stop Believin! The Church is true!!
Love Siostra Hailey :)

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