Monday, 13 May 2013

Week 2 in Poland - Contacting an Australian in Poland

WELL CZEŚĆ!! Happy Mothers Day EVERYONE!

I got to speak to my beautiful rodzina (family) yesterday and it was sooooo amazing!!! They are such strength to me! I love them all so much and it was super amazing!!
This week was really good! It’s so full and so busy and I know I couldn’t do any of this without the Lords help! Last week for P-day we went to a mall (YAY) it was exciting to be in the world again but there is not a ton of things to do here in Katowice. So if anyone wants to do some research and find something cool to do then let me know!! For now we just do somewhat lame things but its ok cause its  PDAY!! AND EVERYONE LOVES PDAY especially because EMAIL!!!

We taught our English class it was really fun. It reminded me of Ukraine :) but we were helping the elders teach adults. It was still really fun! The weather got a bit nicer this week! Thank goodness!! I’m still white but that'll change :) so we were contacting in this huge park and we weren’t talking to anyone so it was super lame. I was praying in my head to find people. I find that when I’m praying I feel so much better about everything. Then we went to this guy sitting on a bench and said our bold statement and he listened!!! So we kept talking and gave him a book of Mormon and he was reading it, it was so cool!! We set up an appointment to teach him! He didn’t show up :( but that’s ok cause he has a book of Mormon and it was still a wonderful experience!! I loved it!! My polish is improving since I have to talk to random strangers every minute I’m outside!! We talk to EVERYONE without exceptions so its getting fun! Except I don’t understand anything they say to me but that'll come soon enough!! Getting used to the language makes things very fun, I just love it!!

I did my first white board!! The elders and us set up a white board with a question on it like if you could ask God one question what would it be and we try to stop people and have them answer it and talk about it. The four of us were out doing it  and I went up to this man and started talking to him (in polish) and he said oh I’m sorry I don’t speak polish. I swear the choir of angels was singing from heaven! I said that is ok neither do I! We started talking and he told me he is from Australia!! So I talked about Travis and Kyle serving their missions there and talked about how beautiful and awesome Canada is and why I was here in Poland. He was so kind and nice , FINALLY!  I told him what we were doing here and I asked him the whiteboard question. I gave him a pass-along card actually 2 because they were my favorites. I told him all about them. He said he would check them out. It was so awesome!! Truly a blessing from the Lord to feel like I accomplished something because sometimes you get kind of down when no one talks to you for a straight like 6 hours!! It was so awesome!!

The Reeds had us over for dinner this week (a senior missionary couple) It was nice to have real food and to get to know the people from my district better. We all showed each other our little mission "face books" with all our pictures. It was really fun sharing them with everyone. I loved it! Then we went out to visit less actives with Sister Reed cause she has a car! I found out that Poland is BEAUTIFUL!!! We got to leave the city and go into the countryside and holy moly was it ever nice!!! The people looked happier and nicer. There were real forests, fields and trees. It was so beautiful!! A nice little break from the ghetto city that I’m in :) not that i don’t love it cause I do it was just a nice change!!!

We taught Sylvia, our investigator, this week!!! We had our lesson with her , it was my first lesson with her. We taught her all about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and why its important which lead to baptism of course. She has been taught for 3 months. The spirit was so strong in the lesson. I would open my mouth to say things to her and things would just come out!! It was such a blessing and I felt so much love for her and such a desire for her to accept the things we were teaching her Then at the end of our lesson we extended the invitation to be baptized on June 8th... AND SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So she is getting baptized on June 8th. I am so lucky to be a part in her conversion. Sister Packard says that we had to be companions for this to happen. That makes me feel special. I am so thrilled! Sylvia is making the best decision of her life. We were all crying and  were so happy afterwards it was the most amazing thing ever!!!

 Well have to go now, I love you all so very dearly!!

P.S. CONGRATULATIONS TO MY DEAR JAYDEN AND JENSEN!!!!! I so wish I could have been there on Saturday to be a part of your special day. I was there in spirit!! I am so happy for the both of you. Miss you so much!!! You both looked amazing! (mom sent a pic) and to everyone else your looking good!! My mom sent a few pictures. I miss you all like crazy!!!!

xoxoxox Stay beautiful!! The church is true! Remember who you are!!

Love Sister Pearson

My first companion in Poland Sister Packard & I

A view of Katowice, Poland 

My room 

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