Monday, 19 August 2013

August 19th - And now I'm 21!

This week was wonderful! It went by really fast! Actually it all goes by pretty fast now, but I love every minute!

I had such a good birthday!!!

I’ll be honest I didn’t really think it was going to feel like a birthday because everyone says that a mission birthday just isn’t the same but MINE WAS AMAZING! I have never felt so love by strangers in my whole life! Ok they're not strangers but you know what I mean. First of all before I get on with the birthday my bike has been taken away :( I may have shed a tear HOWEVER as a result I have been running.. I know what you’re thinking that’s impossible! I hate running with a passion and with my sport-induced asthma its just not a great time but I LOVE my companions so much I had to do it! Now I’ve been running like 2 miles every second day. I’m pretty sure its just a straight up miracle from the Lord and every time  I run it amazes me that I’m alive! Sister Packard and Sister Petherbridge are so proud. They told me I looked extra old that morning and then yelled ŻART! ok they didn’t yell it cause it was like 6:20 in the morning but I felt the love! ANYWAYS, we came back from running (on my birthday) and I come out of the shower and Sister Packard was on the phone. She gave it to me and it was Elder Wilson and Neuner they called and sang Sto Lat to me! (Happy birthday the polish song) it was so sweet! It was a great way to start off the day! I opened my packages and there was SO MUCH STUFF!! I love all of it! Thank you so much!
We went contacting for a few hours until it was time for English class. When we got to English Virgina and Ambroża sang to me and gave me a necklace! Rafał showed up and wished me a happy birthday and gave me chocolate! Then Adrian came!! It was so nice! He gave me this bracelet he stole form the YSA conference he went to and this magic bubble gum smelling oil that you put on when you have a headache.. I just put it on cause it smells amazing! it was so nice! The Polish people do this really cool thing when its your birthday. They wish you EVREYTHING good health, happiness, a good future spouse and a good mission and the list goes on. It was so beautiful! After English the creepy old man found out it was my birthday... bad idea! He got a little too friendly but I’m over it. The Reed's  (senior missionary couple serving in Poland) kindly had us over for dinner with the Elders and it was delicious! We went back to the chapel to get ready to go contacting again and I was quizzing Elder Wilson in his massive vocab book as Sister Packard was drawing people beating each other up on the white board and then I looked up and she wrote hot and cold on the board. I was like what on earth does that mean! But she does crazy stuff all the time so I wasn’t that worried. THEN they all starred at me smiling and I was really confused! Until I realized what was going on!! They blindfolded me and we played hot and cold to the present they got for me which was SO SWEET since I told all of them they didn’t need to get me anything! Anyways it was really fun! I finally found my present after almost dying cause I was so dizzy. Loved it! They bought me the biggest Aleo drink I have ever seen in my life and the biggest Milka bar to ever exist! it was so nice of them!
Adrian’s mom Helena found out it was my birthday and she spanked me in front of everyone at church yesterday and then told me she loved me and wished me things for like 5 years! It cracked me up. I just felt so much love from the people here and it was just a beautiful day! Just when it thought it was over... WE WENT CRAZY! After planning some crazy stuff went down! We blasted our favorite songs and put on our moustaches and danced for like 30 minutes! We made the little Canadian tree fort you gave me and played this crazy ice cream game! My companions are the best!! I’ll be sending pictures and video evidence of all of this so I won’t go into too much detail .It was a really great day!!! And now I’m 21!!

The rest of the week flew by! We  are really trying to work with the members to get referrals its just taking some time. But something miraculous is about to happen I just know it!! We taught a mom on the street last night and gave her a book of Mormon!! She was our age and she asked if she could buy the book of Mormon! She was so kind and humble. We are really hoping we can teach her! We called George this week again and he is going to read ENOS!! He’s too far for us to go teach but we can sort of do it over the phone for now! So I am very excited about that!

Tomorrow is zone conference! I will have lots to tell you about next week! Transfers are on Sept. 5th so were just about done! People should probably send stuff to the mission office incase I get transferred. I don’t know what will happen but we are pretty sure that the three peas in a pod is coming to an end :( this saddens my SOUL!! But I know that what ever happens will be from the Lord so it will be good!

We made Bigos this week. It looks really sketchy but its really good!!! Its just a bunch of cabbage really with some meat and tomato sauce but it was really good!

I’ll make it all for you when I come home.

Oh! I taught a whole first lesson to Krystyna with Sister Petherbridge with me as the senior companion! It was so scary but it turns out I can say a lot more in Polish than I thought I could! The LORD IS ON MY SIDE! I love you all!

Love Sister Pearson

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