Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Because of Him

Well I am now in Kraków! I love it so much! It’s beautiful here and its been a crazy few days! The craziest part of Krakow so far is Sister Swenson and I. We are pretty much the same person. It’s CRAZY! We're just so unified already and it’s only been a few days! It’s so cool. The other day we were talking (because that’s all we do) and we were talking about our missions and what we wanted to accomplish in this little bit of time we have left of them and, of course, we both have similar things we want to do. For example, I just love things. Like people and my mission and life and I’m just so happy and I love being a missionary and doing what I’m doing. I love the people but I just want to love them MORE and my mission and Poland, everything. I just want to love it all even more. So Sister Swenson and I were talking about this and she starts talking about how she wants to really have charity just be a charitable person and all of a sudden my head exploded with revelation... IT WAS SO COOL!! I thought about last transfer and the lesson I learned about faith and how crucial it is that we have our faith in Jesus Christ and nothing else and how everything is possible through Him this is key. He is the key and so when my head exploded it was because I realized I love people I really do and my mission. It’s easy for me to love but what I was missing is charity, the PURE LOVE OF CHRIST!!!!  We need to take that love we already have and connect it with Jesus Christ and make it into charity. If I can do that I can love people like He does, like He loves me. This is my goal! I want to love like Christ does and have it never ending . It’s like another piece of the puzzle fell into place. This time I recognized what I want to achieve and the Lord is already blessing me in this process. I am so excited to see how this transfer goes with a big goal like this. But I know it’s what I need and I know that through Him I can do this.

This realization couldn’t have happened at a better time because it was Easter weekend. Poland doesn’t celebrate Easter like we do; no eggs, no dinner. But it was so special mostly because I watched this video http://easter.mormon.org/?cid=HPTU041514694 

I’m going to type out my favorite part but EVERYONE needs to watch it. It's from the video called "Because of Him"

“He lived, and He died. But unlike all who preceded him he rose from the dead. He lived again. He lives and because he lives you, you and you and she and he and they and we, all will live again. Because of Him death has no sting the grave no victory. We can start again and again. Because of Him guilt becomes peace, regret becomes relief, despair becomes hope. Because of Him we have second chances new beginnings. There is no such thing as the end. Because of him. “
This video, “Because of Him” changed my life. I’m serious!! I’ve watched it a billion times. Everything Christ has done is so we can be happy, so we can be better and live with our families forever. It’s all because of Him. I am so grateful for a loving Savior!! If we could all just take a step back and realize all we have and all we can have because of Him. It’s the most amazing thing of all. I had a really good week. Life just seems better and full of hope! 

The work here is going good. We are teaching 2 men right now and they are so cool! Piotr is older and has a pony tail and kind of looks like he’s in the mafia but I just love him so much! He was being so stubborn and was asking a million and a half questions. We tried so hard to just get him to slow down and let us teach him but we ended up teaching him a little and, of course, we watched the “Because of Him” video. We bore our testimonies of the Savior and why we are here and what the gospel can do for his life and the spirit was so strong. I am so excited to see how it goes for him. 

We had pancakes for Easter dinner with my district and yesterday was Smingus Dingus!! Its on Easter Monday and I don’t know the history behind it but its pretty much a giant water fight so Sister Swenson and I got 2 of the Elders pretty bad.. it was awesome! and then they got us back.. worse.. So it was a great day!

I’ve only been in Krakow for like 5 days but I feel really good about being here. Oh, We taught a man who lived IN CALGARY!! what are the chances! We bonded over Canada. .I love that place! Anyways that’s about it! Not much just life changing revelations! It really is all about Christ. I love Him!

http://easter.mormon.org/?cid=HPTU041514694 here’s  the video incase you haven’t watched it yet. 

Siostra Pearson

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