Monday, 28 April 2014

Loving Krakow

I love my mission. I feel very happy and at peace this transfer. I’m still super motivated and I’m working just as hard but I have more faith in Christ now and His work. I’m consistently happy, not just when things are going good with the work because I’m not going to lie I would love to have some investigators to teach and baptize!! But I just enjoy ALL the work now not just parts and I’m much happier this way!

So Kraków has been amazing! I just love it here. Sister Swenson and I just oh man.. We have a blast and we work so well together I love it! There’s so much that has happened I don’t even know where to begin! So I’m going to give you just a low down on one day.. Thursday. It was amazing day! We had a meeting with Przemek. He’s the man who lived in Calgary for 6 months and it was so awesome we made some soup and practiced English. After, we talked about the gospel, life and happiness and we gave him a Book of Mormon that we wrote our testimonies in and he loved it! So we should be meeting again to pass him off to the Elders this week. Then after that we went with the Elders to this park and we did a free table with a white board display and it was AWESOME! All of us were just talking to people the whole time! Sister Swenson and I met and taught a young women named Kasia. She was so interested she asked a ton of questions and was so cool! Then this other girl came Agnieszka and I talked to her for a while about the Book of Mormon, why we are here and invited her to English class she said she would like to meet as well! Then the best thing of my life, most of the missionaries were teaching someone and these 2 kids ride by on skateboards so I say hi and you could just tell they were interested in the free stuff so they come back and start talking to Elder Brown and me. I loved them! I don’t know why I just loved them so much! They were 13 and their names were Ben and Matty. Ben lived in New Jersey so he knew English they were sweet kids. They talked to us and asked us why we were here in Poland and we talked about being a missionary and asked them about school and skateboarding and just talked it was so fun! It was my most favorite contact I’ve had in a long time. We gave them a restoration pamphlet and a card and just talked! They made my day. After the white board we went and got some ice cream and Sister Swenson and I headed out to find Piotr's house. Piotr is the guy you sent the package to years ago and gave me all their information and the letter. Well I’m in KRAKÓW! So I’m going to find them! We found the house on the map and headed out and on the way there we passed this really cool fort so we decided to take a minute and go see it. It was a very interesting building! It was beautiful and we had this awesome adventure and I have some pictures for you. It was just a beautiful moment. Then we continued on our journey to find the house and we found it!! Unfortunately they don’t live there anymore but I’m not giving up! I feel like I am going to find them!

I have just been having so much fun here. I love Kraków! My favorite thing has been my studies! I’m reading the Doctrine & Covenants, the Book of Mormon and the New Testament all at once. It is so amazing!! I’m getting so much out of my studies! It’s like boom missionary work and revelation in the Doctrine & Covenants and then I learn all about the Savior and how to be more like him in the New Testament and the Book of Mormon.. I just get everything I can from it I love it so much!!! There’s just not enough time in the day!!! An hour to study is not enough! It’s like there’s always something I need to be doing. Journal, letters, working out stories with my companion, eating and now I’m going to have to take some time and study more throughout the day on meals or at night. I know the Lord will help me fit it all in :) My studies have been really good lately though. I think focusing on charity is the coolest and because I have decided that it’s something that I want to develop and learn more about I am noticing it a lot more in the scriptures and just seeing more opportunities for it in my everyday and its just amazing! I love it so much!!!

Zone conference is tomorrow and it’s in KATO!! It’ll be my first time back since I left and I am so excited!! I talked to Adrian and we are going to see him so excited!! And Sister Stratton will be there!! It’s going to be the best zone conference ever! I can’t wait to tell you all about it next week! So pretty much life is just amazing. I just feel so blessed and happy. My life is just so good!!!

Siostra Pearson
Elders Brown & Salmrash, Sister Swenson and me

at the park, our first picture

The cool fort we found

The Rynek

Elder Brown and I talking to the cool boys

Just finished with contacting

The Elders after the water fight

Found Canada Dry!

Sister Swenson and I celebrating Amber's Birthday

Us after the water fight (Polish tradition last Monday)
The Rynek

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