Monday, 7 April 2014

Thumb wars, Zone Conference and General Conference Blessings

Not much happened this week except it was my first time teaching at zone conference!!! It went so well! It was so fun to be up there teaching with Elder White and Elder Kotter (the zone leader's) and to be up there sharing the message that changed my mission. It was a great experience to witness what I was teaching be exactly what they needed to hear. It was just so cool to be teaching and have the confidence that the spirit brings! It was so cool to just teach my fellow missionaries by the spirit, a truly wonderful experience!  So ya my week was really good! It was kind of slow until conference! GENERAL CONFERENCE BLEW MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because of the time difference, We got to watch the Saturday morning session of General Conference on Saturday evening and then Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning on Sunday with the Kagele’s! First off.. Saturday morning. I don’t think I have ever been to a better session of General Conference in my life! I received so much personal revelation!
First of all, Elder Hollands talk. That story with the sister missionaries.. yup been there and the fact that he delivers his message so powerfully.. Let’s be real he was yelling at my soul and it was so needed! It’s not on the website yet so I can’t tell you what he said but all of it was about being strong through our struggles and having faith in the Lord's timing. It’s so interesting that you said that during Elder Holland and President Eyring’s you thought about me because those were two of my favorites! Really the whole first session blew my mind.

Then there was Elder BEDNAR that blessed man. These talks were so awesome!!!
I made a whole list of questions for conference and well my list of questions was a little hefty this time and almost all of them are already answered!! I still have one more session to watch! I know that the Lord knows us! He cares about us individually and speaks to us! There was so much in that general conference that I felt was in there just for me! I've been doing so much better at handling struggles that come from being a missionary but that conference taught me so much! In a nut shell I learned that God loves me, and because He loves me He’s going to let me struggle a little bit to give me opportunities to grow and be stronger. My faith in Christ can get me through anything! He gives us so many things every day to help us get through life and He will never leave us alone.

I thought that the talks on the family were so inspired!! I know I’ve still got some time on my mission and some more time after that until all of the family stuff will come into play but my goodness, it was amazing! I learned so much and it’s just so cool to know that the things that I am learning and going through on my mission now are preparing me to be the best wife and mother I can ever be. When I was listening to conference I learned a lot about communication. You know me.. Sometimes when I’m hurt or upset instead of bringing it up and working through it I hold it in and hope that it goes away. Since being on a mission I’ve learned so much about communication. We need to be able to be open with the people we love and trust them and trust God. It puts us in a more vulnerable state but the blessings and happiness that follow are worth it.

We are here to gain eternal life and be with our families forever. I LOVED what President Uchtdorf said about endings here on earth and how we are eternal beings. Endings are not a part of us, we need to always keep an eternal perspective that although something may come to an end here we have so much more in our life than just things here on earth. Like my mission for example, I had a freak out this week that its been going so fast! I mean 4 months left... 4 months in the mission goes SO FAST! And there’s a lot to life when I get home. I have to actually apply and act upon the things that I have learned here on my mission and even though I love my mission and will be so sad to have it end there is more in my life to accomplish. When you look at the Plan of Salvation and the plan that God specifically has for me I know that my mission is a beautiful part in that plan, but only a part, there is so much more ahead after my mission and my mission is helping me prepare for it all! I am so grateful for all of it. :)

We're still looking for more people to teach and trying to meet with the people that we have found! It'll happen :) this week we are going on exchanges with Gdansk so Sister Tobler will be coming here with me! Ma Sista Tobes! I just love her. It’s also the last full week of the transfer! Man that flew by! Next week I will know what’s happening!! I’m nervous so pray for me!


Siostra Pearson

    Alright so funny story I forgot to put in.. we were on a train to Poznan and we found the sumo wrestler thumb war guys in my back pack so for like a solid hour on the train we had thumb wars and I was the champ!! They got really intense we had so much fun!!
Elder White & Me

Round 2 Thumbsies competition with Elder Kotter

Sister Companions I have served with all together at Zone Conference

Bydgoszcz along the river

Me with Sister Petherbridge

Sister Lidtka & I, reunited with my MTC companion

Me with Sister King
Sister Lidtka & Me

Contacting in the streets with Elder White & Elder Kotter

Thumbsies Round 3 Elder White & Sister King, you can see the sumo guy on his thumb!

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