Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Transfers and a crazy adventure!

Well hello! Alright so here’s the news... IM BEING TRANSFERRED TO KRAKÓW!!! WITH SISTER SWENSON!!!!
So I was really shocked but yes I’m going to Krakow and I already know it’s going to be so awesome! I’m going to miss Bydgoszcz so much because I love it here but I feel really good about it! And I don’t know if you remember
Sister Swenson but here’s the story. I always heard that we were like the same person and that we would be best friends. So she’s one group ahead of me and I’ve never had the privilege of serving serve with her until Warsaw when I was switched to Warsaw 2. I was in a Tri-companionship with her for 3 days and it was awesome!! We were best friends! AND NOW! I get to be her last companion, she returns home next transfer! I know it’s going to be amazing!! I’m so excited!! AND to make it even better Sister Stratton got transferred to KATO!!!!! My dang Katowice so I will be able to see her and most likely see Kato!! I feel really good about it! Of course I’m sad to leave Bydgoszcz and I’ve never served in an area for so short of a time. I’m not Sister Training Leader anymore but I feel like I did everything I needed to do here especially as Sister Training Leader it was extremely cool because I got to go on exchanges with great sisters 3 of which were my former companions and we had SUCH AN AMAZING TIME! We were able to help each other and be companions again and I know that I needed them when I was going through such a hard time and I know that they needed me too. So I know I did what I needed to do and that is the best feeling ever! And KRAKÓW!! It’s like prettiest place in the whole mission and I can go find the family of the man that wrote you from the holocaust!! It’s going to be beautiful and wonderful!! I can’t wait!!! So there’s the big news!

My week was awesome! I got to go on an exchange with Sister TOBLER!! We had so much fun it was just like bouncing right back into our companionship! and a crazy experience! i don't know if you remember my time with her in Warsaw BUT we always had the craziest things happen to us! I don’t know why but it was always crazy. So this time on our exchange we were going to contact this office referral. We get to the bus and its full of people and I’m trying to hold my backpack and stamp put tickets in the machine and Sister Tobler is trying to help me balance on the crazy moving bus. She was holding all of our cards and me because the bus turned and I almost fell into the lap of this old Babcia and so I grabbed onto the pole and she dropped all of our cards like at least 120 of them all over the bus so you know me I start laughing. Then I sit down and go to grab the map so I can find the ladies address we are contacting and well.. I forgot the map! So we were disasters just like we always have been. So we just asked some Poles for directions and got off the bus I have a pretty good sense of direction so I knew we would be ok. Well we get to the area and I have never had to pee so bad in my entire life!! Seriously IT HURT! and now Sister Tobler had to pee too like really bad! So were walking to the ladies house well kind of waddling and we FINALLY get there and ring her door bell.. She lives in a real HOUSE! It was so cool they were all houses out by this forest and we were so excited cause we could go and well teach her obviously but also use her bathroom!! We ring the doorbell and there’s no answer. We ring it again and then I call her and nothing.. NOTHING! I started to panic looking for a washroom anywhere but the houses are too nice there’s no where to go! So Sister Tobler goes to the neighbors house and we ring the doorbell we were so desperate! An old lady answers the door and we were like, "hey! We’re missionaries and we were wondering if we could use your bathroom!?" with really cute big smiles on our faces and the old lady said.. NO and shut the door... it was HORRIBLE!! We were freaking out and laughing because it was so ridiculous and we had to go so bad!  A car pulls up and a man gets out and she’s like hey! can we use your bathroom!!? and he’s like.... umm let me ask my wife.. and so he did and she said yes! So we went into these strangers home and they let us use their bathroom and then we left :) I’ve never had to ask to use a stranger’s bathroom before in my life never mind on my mission what an adventure! Anyways we visited members who were really good friends with Sister Tobler’s grandpa they fed us and we talked it was a good visit! Oh we also finally found the forest! 

So needless to say it was an amazing exchange and we had so much fun together it is these types of moments that brighten your day!!

There are big things ahead for me and I’m excited! Krakow.. It’s going to be GREAT!! We’re saying goodbye to some of my most favorite people in Bydgoszcz Monday and Tuesday so I’ll make sure to send some pictures! That’s about it though. I’m excited and I have a lot of faith that this is what I need. I feel at peace and the peace gives me a lot of comfort.

Siostra Pearson

My District

A not so serious picture of my District

The neighbourhood with real houses

We really needed to go!

The beautiful forest

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