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July 15th 2013 - Why I wanted to serve a mission

Last Monday on our P-day, we went laser tagging and it was SO FUN! I haven’t had that much crazy fun in a long time! We played to star wars music and it was just the elders and us and we were going crazy!! It was so fun!

 This week we decided to do a white board, where we set up a big white board and write a question on it and then talk to people about it, as they are walking by. No one was listening to us! Nothing was working and it was getting very discouraging! Then Sister Packard was inspired, we changed the white board to say, bez płatna księga mormona! Which means a free book of Mormon. People started stopping because nothing in Poland is free! I had the opportunity to teach two lessons by myself about the book of Mormon and how its changed my life and it was amazing!! They both took a book of Mormon!

This week we had a lesson with one of our investigators Margaret. We taught her the first lesson and it went so good! Afterwards she gave us massages! She’s a professional and loves giving them. We helped her with her English as she gave us massages! It was a good time!
That evening we went to Sosnowiec to meet with some of our members, 3 of them Helena, Agota, and Anna. All three of them have never been to the temple before so we asked if they would like some help to prepare to go. They all were so excited! We took a bus out to Sosnowiec and whipped out our map and found their houses! First we went to Agota’s house. We taught her how to make rice krispie squares! Except with corn flakes it was so fun! Everyone loves them! They don’t have marshmallows here but since it was the 4th of July they had some so we bought like 8 bags! We taught her about the temple and what we do there and what she needs to do to be able to go. The biggest obstacle is tithing. People here in Poland really struggle with it. We are also going to help her do some family history work so she can take names there! It’s so neat! She’s only been a member for about a year and she is really happy that we want to help her go to the temple! It’s nice to be able to help people. And to help the members here too! Then we taught Helena, and Anna. When we were at Anna’s house we accidentally dropped our phone and the battery came out and when that happens you need to put a code in but we didn’t have the code and we were suppose to meet President Urban for pizza now we couldn’t call him! We went to find a bus to take it home; it was getting kind of late. We find a bus stop and the next bus didn’t come until 9:25!! We are supposed to be home at 9! So we decided to try to walk back to downtown Sosnowiec and we made it! Good thing we have a map! We asked a man to borrow his phone so we could phone President Urban to tell him what was happening so no one freaked out when they couldn’t get a hold of us past 9. The man let us use his phone. I was talking to him and he loved us!! He freaked out when I told him I was from Canada and he sat with us on the bus he was so kind!! We had such a good time! So it was worth all the craziness just to meet that man!

We taught Ola again this week. She asked us why we wanted to serve missions and about how we received our own answers that the church is true. The spirit was so strong! We just testified the whole time and then we read Mosiah 18:8-11. She was quiet and re read it like 3 times and then said, this is beautiful. Sister Packard asked her when she received her answer if she would be baptized and she said yes. I told her we would be holding a baptismal service on August 17th. I asked her if she would prepare herself to be baptized on that day and pray about that date and she said YES!!!!!!!!!!! The whole rest of the lesson we talked about baptism and how once she decides and is in the church she will be in for life and how she will change her life. She told us that a while ago she was praying and she asked God to change her life and the next day she got a pass along card for English class and she was telling us how she thinks God wants her to be here and that this is all true. We were all almost crying it was so beautiful. The spirit was so strong!! It was amazing!! But she still has to come to church and she works every Sunday so please pray for her! It was an amazing week!
  OH! yesterday the most amazing thing happened. We were in a meeting with President Urban to see how we can help the branch (our small congregation). He said randomly that people just love us and he said especially Sister Pearson. He said a bunch of people in the branch have told him that they love me, I am always so happy and its impossible not to be happy when they talk to me, I am like lakarstwo which means medicine!! I have never felt so good in my life! It was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said and I almost cried! It was so beautiful! I am a happy person and I love the people here so much. To hear what they said about me made me so thankful to be here. I just loved it! It made me feel so good!

Anyways I had a great week! I love being a missionary. I LOVE sharing the gospel with the people of Poland! I always testify about the book of Mormon and that it is the reason I am here in Poland and its true! It is and I know that it’s true. I love watching it change other people’s lives. There is nothing more gratifying than meeting someone on the street, teaching him or her about the book of Mormon and the church and they take the book of Mormon home! It’s the best feeling in the world! All people have to do is read it with a willing and open heart and they will be able to know for themselves! We are so blessed!


Sister Hailey Pearson!
I made a scripture box for my Polish scriptures!

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  1. Hailey IS like medicine! The people of Poland are blessed to have her!