Tuesday, 23 July 2013

July 22, 2013 - When you are discouraged, go to the Circus!

This was a really hard week but I’ve learned a ton so that makes it worth it!

First of all, we went to Ikea last P-day and we had real food!!!  We tested out all the beds and realized how uncomfortable ours are at home especially mine, the couch. You know how much I love Ikea! I bought a little tiny blanket and it was a great time! Then we had FHE, which is one of the highlights of my week! It’s always so fun to just be with the people here!

The reason this week was a little tough was because we have lost almost all of our investigators. We have to start from square one! None of them were really progressing or keeping their commitments. It’s really sad to see it not work out with all of these people. It was a tad bit depressing but we are renewed and are doing our best. The Lord will provide a way!!

The hardest part of the week was not being able to get a hold of Ola. It’s like she disappeared. She isn’t answering our calls. She didn’t show up to anything this week. It’s hard to go from having a baptismal date and KNOWING that she was getting baptized to having her vanish! We have no idea what happened and we cant’ help her at all. But she knows this church is true. She received a witness of it and so one day she will come back! I wish we could help her or know what happened but we have no idea so we just do a lot of praying!! We love her. So now that we have like no investigators we have a lot more time to find people!

 On Friday we took our culture night with the Elders and we went to a CIRCUS!!! A real one!! It was AMAZING!! There were white lions doing tricks, a monkey riding a pony, a magician and a clown and it was so cool!! We had the second row! It helped lift our week into the most awesome ever!! It was the biggest circus in all of Poland. I’m really happy we went!

Saturday got even better!!! We got really creative. Along with the Elders and President Urban we took the ping-pong table down the stairs (which was a miracle in its own because its so heavy!!) and we put it in this really busy street by the chapel. We set up a free table with all our pamphlets and books of Mormon and our pass a long cards and then on our white board we had like play a free game and you win a prize!... and the prize was a BOOK OF MORMON!! We just started talking to everyone! I was a little scared in the beginning that it was going to fail but I kept praying and talking to people and. IT WORKED!! People started playing and we would teach them about the book of Mormon. It was fun! And just something different! We gave out 7 books and taught 5 lessons! It was so AMAZING!! People were able to see that we are fun and normal! Why not stop and play a free game of ping-pong in the middle of the sidewalk!! It was awesome and successful!! I was so proud of all of us and the Lord helped so much! It was such a great way to teach people and have fun with it. Switch it up!

Later that day Sister Reed taught everyone for a relief society activity to make chili and corn bread! The women loved it! Virginia came and she brought a friend named Teresa! So we are going to hopefully get to know her a bit more and teach her! Her husband just passed away 6 months ago. It would be a great time to teach her about the plan of salvation! I know the gospel would bless her life and give her so much more happiness and hope!! That is why I am here to share this knowledge with these wonderful people.

No one ever said a mission would be easy they just said it would be worth it!! I love it here! I love the members and my dear sweet companions. I just love participating in the magnificent work!!

Kocham cię bardzo!!
Love Sister Pearson

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