Monday, 29 July 2013

July 29th, 2013 - Missionary work = Hula Dancing

Let me tell you a little bit about my week!

Last Monday it was President Urban (Adrian)'s BIRTHDAY! We wanted to make it special because he does so much for us, and the branch. So we took him laser tagging and we also made him two of his favorite desserts, brownies and rice krispie squares (only with corn flakes because there's no rice krispies) and we had ice cream! It took a little bit of work for us but it was SO NICE to do something good for someone else! The feelings are amplified as a missionary and it was so much fun! My companions and I decided to buy him a new shirt! Birthdays aren’t really a big deal here so we wanted to make it extra special. He loved it! He said it was the best birthday he has ever had in his life!!!!  I was so happy! It’s a really hard thing to be the branch president at 24 and he does so much for everyone. He is always helping us with whatever we need so it was so nice to give back even if it was just a little :)

 The rest of the week was a little slow we had LOTS of contacting time!! YAY! Some days are harder than others. Ultimately I know that I am doing exactly what the Lord wants me to do. I’m doing it joyfully and having a lot of fun on the way. That is my gift to the Lord! It’s an honor to be a part of this work. The only thing I can control is myself, and my attitude! I love sharing the gospel and the more I testify about the truthfulness of the things I know the more I know for myself!

Tonight we are teaching a man we taught on the street! And here in Poland you never know the affect you have on people! Even a simple pass a long card has the ability to change a life!

On Saturday we had our Hawaiian party!! It was SO MUCH FUN! First of all it is blasting hot here in Poland! I’m sort of dying.. pretty sure I am just melting away. I look at all the polish people sweating profusely and I don’t feel so bad! I’m thinking about doing a free table of deodorant and attaching them to books of Mormon! I don’t know why its an optional thing here but unfortunately it is.. that’s ok! I love them anyways regardless of their smell! Oh so back to the party! We held the Hawaiian party at this huge park. We all wore lei’s and played a ton of really fun games! And then my companions and I taught our hula dance!! It was AWESOME! They all loved it so much! We made our grass skirts out of some drapes we found at a thrift store. All of our practice paid off! It was so fun to see everyone doing the dance with us! We did it to the song from Lilo and Stitch. Everyone just loved it! No one was shy at all like they are at home. Everyone just started shaking their hips and having fun! Even the Elders were into it! It was a very successful activity. The Reed's did a wonderful job with the rest of the party and we also did limbo! I tied first with Adrian! I also pulled a muscle in my thigh doing it.. WORTH IT! It was a wonderful evening! We actually had 12 nonmembers show up! 6 of them were from our companionship! We need to work with members coming to our activities but it was a great time for nonmembers to come and have fun.

 After the party we walked home to the chapel and the Elder's investigator Chris and a member Pawał came with us. I talked to Pawał the whole time in polish!! I am being greatly blessed by the Lord to learn this language! I still struggle a TON but every day there is an improvement! This week I memorized the first vision and each time I recite it I just feel the Holy Ghost so strong testifying to me that it is true! That God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. Every time I think of his words in the history when he says, " I knew it and I knew that God knew it and I could not deny it" I didn’t have to be there in the garden to know just like Joseph that this truly happened. I know it as if I had seen it with my very eyes!

Tomorrow I am teaching in our district meeting. I will tell you how that goes next week. I love teaching! I even get to teach my lesson in English! What a treat!

As of yesterday I am also finished the training program! I cannot believe how fast time is going! I only have a year left! It just makes me remember why I am here and how much I need to value this time!!

It is still crazy hot out today! We are just going to the mall cause its too hot to be outside! Apparently its going to cool down tomorrow thank goodness!!
I love you all so much! I love hearing from you and to know you are there supporting me every step of the way! I feel you close even though you are so far and you are often in my thoughts!!

kocham cię bardzo! Love Sister Hailey Pearson

Laser Tag!

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